Chinese Cyber Attacks Crack Firewalls in White House Network

The most important security network in this nation is located in the White House.  The multi tiered firewall protection was breached in the first part of Sept. according to Bill Gertz,  conservative author and Washington Times long time reporter.  The network contains information regarding the nuclear football the President has with him wherever he goes.  Also the Presidents agenda,  travel and meetings,  as well as all communications between agencies.  In other words,  what the President knows,  the Chinese know or soon will.

Northrop - Grumman,  the huge defense contractor backed up this story and Admiral Samuel Cox,  Cyber Communications director of intelligence added the attacks from China have increased greatly in the past month,  but refused to comment on this story. 

I guess we can rule out an EMP bomb from China exploding our electric grids - why would they cut their own intelligence network ?  The President had best get a resident of India to come be the head of this top secret network,  because it appears we do not have qualified personnel born here.  Every order from the Commander in Chief of our military compromised !  Beautiful !!!   Not that he could have passed a security clearance investigation anyway,  but just the same - C'mon Man !

This happens at the same time we have sent two destroyer escorts to the Gulf of Aden to protect our Embassies there,  and two carrier battle groups sent to the North and South China Seas as well as a transport carrier,  the Bonhomme Richard,  with 2200 marines on board.   The USS George Washington and the USS Stennis sit in wait close to the disputed islands of Senkaku,  which the Chinese have laid claim to since Japan captured them a thousand years ago.

Question #1 - what would we do if China attacked our carriers and sank them with their new modified DF-21 ballistic missiles,  made specifically to attack carriers and other surface vessels ?  With all the info they will need to know,  the  whens and wheres of our troop movements,   should make this easy pickings.  Obama isn't going to launch an attack on our national bank,  and Japan has little to offer us anymore.

Question #2 - Why is not one or more of our 11 carrier groups left in operation being sent to the middle east,  like a month ago ?   We send more firepower to attack the Somalian pirates than we sent after the first Embassy attacks !  This administration is a joke,  but our troops are not amused.   We are still sending troops to Afghanistan,  even without a comprehensive plan to combat the inside attacks coming from the Taliban in the military there.  I'm surprised they are allowed to carry ammunition. 

The facade being sent by this President,  of a military show of strength,  is ludicrous in it's priorities.  The FBI still has not stepped foot on the sovereign soil of the U.S. in Benghazi,  Libya,  to investigate what minutia is left of that crime scene.   Just the fact this is being called a crime scene is a crime against this nation.  It's the same old arguement - terror,  what terror ?  35 days 05 hours 15 min. 23 sec. as of right now before election day !

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sure makes you wonder what obama has planned for the USA.  he is so not prepared to lead and his puppet masters have their own agendas.

Those of us who have watched Glenn Beck for the past three and a half years know what he is planning.  Beck put evidence up that would hold up in any court in America,  using the words coming from the mouths of the people he accused,  either in video or audio format,  sometimes covertly and sometimes from speeches taken openly from progressive think tanks.  Words coming from Obama or his top advisors,  many who still work in the White House.  Others left to fill jobs at ACORN groups and progressive superpacs.

Obama's first priority when entering into this contract to obey the Constitution was to cause world chaos,  and collapse the U.S. banking system.  The covert tape concerning bringing down the banks used J P Morgan / Chase as the prototype to run their destructive agenda on.  What was the first bank to feel the wrath of the Congressional committees,  while Obama still owned both House and Senate as well as the A.G.'s office - J P Morgan / Chase.  Coincidence ?  We have Geithner,  neck deep in every major financial scandel from the last two years of the Bush administration.  Instead of being in jail with the other scammers,  he is chosen to be the Sec. of the Treasury dept.  We have the top man at the Justice Dept.,  overseeing the FBI and Treasury divisions,  Eric Holder,  also neck deep in many scandels which all put watergate to shame,  still in office.  We have people we never heard of in positions of power,  the Czars,  which make the Cabinet Heads green with envy.  


We know well what this President is,  always has been and always will be.  We have hard evidence to prove everything we accuse him of  and the media is AWOL on this entire Pulitzer Prize winning story (s).  Not even Beck's own network,  the same one we made successful over the years,  ignored all of this evidence as some ludicrous conspiracy theory.  I don't know if this is true or not,  but I believe Beck was not forced to leave FOX ,  but left out of frustration coming from them for not running these corroborated stories.   Rupert Murdock knows one thing - profit,  and Beck's show was #1 in his time slot,  including all major networks.  

What better way to create world chaos than to give China all the codes to our security systems.  We give them all the credit for hacking into the most top secret,  most layered cyber-security system ever devised.  I don't believe they or anyone else could hack into and decode our most secret information.  As a communications tech. in the navy,  working with systems less secure than this,  I can tell you the codes change daily,  at 2400 zulu time.   When there is as much as a suspicion that a compromise has been successful,  the entire system is scrapped immediately  for a backup plan.   I do not believe the Chinese or Russians could break our security layers without insider help.

I assume they found the bogus Birth Certificate . . probably laughing at how easily it was to prove it's bogus!

In a follow up storytoday,  Bill Gertz states the President was not notified of the security breach immediately.  Nobody will say how long it took for him to be briefed,  most likely had to wait until after the View or Letterman.  Jay Carny(val) states,  these attacks are common.  They are called " spear fishing ".  They just throw a cyber hook into the ethernet and see what they catch.  Then he goes on to say that they were not attacking any of our top security sites directly !  Which is it Jay,  throwing a blind hook in the water,  or targeting ability ?  Once again,  this tool contradicts himself trying to cover Obama's butt.  It's embarrassing !

To this day nobody knows if anything was breached or not breached.  As a communications security professional,  everything has to be considered compromised if there is any doubt whatsoever.  The gamble is far too large not to.  They could have our Presidential nuclear codes for launching our weapons,  and while this would not give them the total access needed to launch them from a remote area,  it would allow them to block our launch capabilities.

No big deal - no sense getting the Prez. out of fundraising mode for this trivial matter !!!

Now why would you insult chimpanzees ?   There is obviously intelligence behind these eyes.  Knowing who  this admin. staffs it's positions with,   I'm betting he wouldn't pass a security background check either.  One thing that the left learned from the Clinton mistakes - don't keep logs of White House visitors,  at least when dealing with Chinese generals carrying briefcases filled with money.  More coffee general ?

John . . . . Your are so correct!

This administration is soooooooooooo incompetent, on purpose or out of simple stupidity, that they have put America in jeopardy on several fronts; i.e., our Economy, our Security, our Leadership in the world, as the Mid East and North Africa Burn Down . . . . all obama's and his administration's FAULT!


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