Obama Fails to Register 'OrganizingForAction.net... NOW ROUTED TO THE NRA HOMEPAGE !!!

                         Obama Fails to Register 'OrganizingForAction.net

At the beginning of the year, President Barack Obama's new 501(c)4 political nonprofit, Organizing For Action, was launched with all the usual bells and whistles. But the tech wizards at OFA forgot one important rule in today's Internet world: Register all the iterations of your website address before someone else does.

Now Obama's team is filing complaints against the folks smart enough to get the addresses before he did.
As Obama's OFA made its debut, no one in his purportedly Internet-savvy campaign had obtained the corresponding .com, .net, .org or .us sites, nor did OFA register other names that are close to its official one, as is the sensible practice. In the case of the .net address, a fellow named Derek Bovard had already registered the .net address by the time Obama's team took notice.
Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association.
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source of information.. Tea Party Command Center

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!  hilarious!


yeah I told u he is the dummest president ever, so stupid dada  gottcha president dodo bird

"prezzy dodo bird!" I am LOL!!!! Thanks! Yup-dumbdedumb!

It didn't show up on the tele-prompter so no one did anything about it. jwstx

At least we are having a laugh over this one!LOL! idiots!


Ya can't fix stupid!

ROFLOL.....this is the best laugh I have had in a while!   HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


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