LOOKS Like the  FOX NEWS over reacted--- THIS WAS A FIRE CRACKER incident...

Breaking! FOX news!

Two shots fired outside White House near North Gate... looks like Secret Service have situation under control...

More news as it breaks!

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Just watching this, they have the man.  Said it was a man throwing fire crackers over the fence into the lawn.  Found no gun.  He looked really dangerous-  Bermuda shorts and polo shirt - LOL   Took 4 of them to take him down.  Nothing serious or going on now.  Everything is cleared out and the squad car just left with this poor man.  My son said, "mom, I am not going to ask what you are thinking right now, I know what it is".  I told him, well, God would not want me to lie, so if you do not ask it is best.  LOL 


...THIS MADE me WONDER if we'll recognize the next "shot heard 'round the world" when it occurs... WHAT IF this man, or a couple of patriots, were to attack the "people's house," claiming the 'revolution' has begun... and then fighting began breaking out all across the country... WOULD we rise up in support, or chalk it up to a crazy right winger neocon acting out?


A little Jumpy are they?!!!



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