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The intro below was written exclusively for the members of this website and all other Constitutional Conservatives!

Let me Introduce! 


 I call her  "The female Donald Trump for California!!"

“Greetings Constitution lovers! I’m Stasyi Barth (pronounced Stacy), and I am a happily married mother of 3, USAF vet, seasoned political activist, and of course, a Constitutional Conservative running for governor of California in 2018 on the Republican ticket. I am a grassroots candidate ready to fight the liberal stranglehold and special interest influence on CA legislation in Sacramento. I hope to earn your support for my campaign either as a volunteer, grassroots activist, donor or all three! Please visit my website barthforgovernor.com or drop me a line at hello@barthforgovernor.com to get to know me and what I stand for. We need to stop the divisive rhetoric. I aim to bring unity and healing to make California whole again. My heart is California.

My name is Stasyi Barth and I need your support now to win the CA gubernatorial election in 2018!” 


Ms. Barth hopes to see fellow Constitutional Conservatives this weekend in Anaheim where she will be on hand at the CA GOP Convention 10/20-10/22 at the Anaheim Marriot 700 W Convention Way, 92808 to connect with constituents and answer questions.

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If I could stand living in California, I'd vote for her, sure as shootin'!!!  I'm afraid that she will have a real up hill battle.  I'm in Tennessee these days, but I'll send her some dough if her run for Governor is made official. 

Thanks Jerome, 

I am proud to get to know her, everyone knows it's uphill ...but hey Trump won!

Post some editorials like the good old days!

Thanks a bunch

I am of the same mind as Jerome! "Sure as shootin'!!! I would contribute to her campaign". I'm a West Virginia woman lost in an Arizona world now. I could never imagine that I would ever again entertain a thought of living in CA again. Never!!!!

Bannon on Fire in CA: Three Standing Ovations at GOP Convention Keynote

by Jon Fleischman 20 Oct 2017  Orange County, CA



Huge amount of political donations involved in our elections. You might want to keep track of the donations for Stasyi Barth and her challengers at Political MoneyLine.

American912, Thanks, although I found nothing yet... was I looking in the right place?

Big competition in this race. You probably won't hear much about the contributions until the race starts whittling down to the very few.

I did look into who she will be challenging at Ballotpedia...



Just recently ran across this ....

Steve Bannon warns California might secede from the US



Alexi McCammond
3 hrs ago

Democrats' progressive push is starting in California

Young Democrats in California are calling for new, more progressive party leaders, and state Senate president Kevin de León is leading the charge by running against Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. "The D.C. playbook is obsolete," De León said at his first official campaign event Thursday night. "Now is the time for a senator who is willing to stand up and be heard, not from the sidelines, but loud and proud from the front lines."

Why it matters: De León's progressive push is perhaps not surprising in a state like California, where Democrats control every statewide office and the state legislature. But it represents a coming wave against Democrats that could appear in other states and at every level.

Another example: A conservative Democrat, Rep. Dan Lipinski, has held Illinois' 3rd District seat since 2005, and he has only been challenged in a primary once — until the upcoming 2018 race, in which a self-described progressive Democrat will run against him.

Context: Before De León's first senate campaign event, Rep. Linda Sanchez, a prominent California Democrat, called for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down to make way for "a new generation of leaders." Now, De León is quickly gaining notable endorsements from progressive Democrats (and even some California state senators who praise Feinstein) who want to replace "establishment" lawmakers like Feinstein and Pelosi.

Some of De León's endorsements:

Democracy for America, a grassroots progressive group with more than 1 million members.
Dean Florez, former Senate Majority Leader and a member of the California Air Resources Board.
Lorena Gonzalez, a San Diego Assemblywoman who advocates for labor force and women's issues.
Kevin McCarty, a Sacramento Assembly member who advocates for free community college and gun regulation.
State Sen. Toni Atkins, who said Feinstein's work "can't be questioned," but that "we are in a new day and a new time" ripe for a candidate like De León.
Freshman House Dem Ro Khanna called for Feinstein to retire after she announced she'd run for re-election, and De León was one of the people he said should challenge her.

What to watch: This Dem-on-Dem fight is happening in other states, similar to California, that are already represented by Democrats but want more progressive representation after Trump's election. Both De León and Marie Newman (Illinois' 3rd District primary challenger) advocate for progressive issues, like immigration and liberal reproductive rights, that resonate with their respective states and that they want reflected in the Democrats' "D.C. playbook." https://www.axios.com/democrats-progressive-california-2495965789.html

The more attention this California Conservative gets, the crazier the progressive/liberal/democrats are going to get.  They think they own California.  It sure looks like they do.  Hey, but ya never know.  A touch of Divine Intervention and miracles happen.  I know in my heart that Divine Intervention was at work to get Trump elected.  Electing a Conservative governor in California might need a double dose.  I am ready to suggest that the Trump wall go all the way up to Washington to separate California from the rest of the country.   

True -- many will "more attention this California Conservative gets, the crazier the progressive/liberal/democrats are going to get. They think they own California."

While the map of CA general election was quite 'blue' pockets of 'red' existed. Since the last number of disasters this past year coupled with gas tax increase this past year many of my old friends and colleagues still residing in CA have begun grumbling about their center of gov't in Sacto as they should. Recall Reagan and other republicans were successful.

This candidate for Governor success will depend totally on the messaging of her campaign and targeting of communities heavily. Those communities that are outside the greatly populated centers will be more inclined to seek change. Of course good messaging in the high populated centers important as well for there are republicans and independents there who do lean republican but for obvious reasons "remain in the political affiliation closet".


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