Dirty Dossiers coming from Barack Obama’s Blackmail Bait?

Dirty Dossiers coming from Barack Obama’s Blackmail Bait?

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By Judi McLeod —— Bio and Archives February 16, 2017

The howls of the hounds can be heard running the latest fox to ground in Washington, D.C.

The vociferous, blood-smelling hounds out on the loose are not Russian.  They hunker down under the cover of anonymity right inside the White House, lying in wait for the next fox hunt ordered by the Barack Obama Shadow Government, still up and running three months after the election.

Somewhere incognito since Donald Trump Inauguration Day, Barack Obama clings onto the kind of control that comes from his stores of ‘Blackmail Bait’.

Review the last eight years of Republicans in office for proof of how Blackmail Bait really works.

How many go through each day hearing inside their heads that “Barack Obama’s got a dirty dossier on me and can feed it to the mainstream media any time he wants”?

The never media-mentioned Blackmail Bait worked like a charm for Obama while he was in office, and will now be used to keep Donald Trump from succeeding as president.

Bye-bye National Security Adviser Michael Flynn!  Hello next Fox X who will soon be hound-run to ground.

Yesterday it was Flynn.  Who knows who it will be tomorrow?

Tune in to Saturday Night Live to see the lineup.

Shouldn’t someone in the mainstream media be asking if the dirty dossier released on President Trump came directly from Obama’s dossier trove?


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