Hello  Old Friends, Fellow Patriots and Members,

Been a long time, and my nerves are still shot!!!  I thought being away from politics would help! Ha! I have not been following the news (well maybe a tiny bit!), but no matter what you do there it is- the news! and it's all bad!! and it's mostly fake! So I thought what the hell, let's drop in to the site and see what's up!

I see Vent is gone, probably for the best... I see KOS has done some great looking remodeling and upgrading... and sadly... sadly... I see that the support (that folks promised) is not happening!...What's up with that? Come on you guys, when I sold the site there were lots of promises for donations... KOS took over the site for you all with the thought that you members would help her out! She can't afford this on her own.... She is single and trying to make ends meet, like everyone else... I know the regulars are probably helping a little... But let's see if you can dig down a little deeper in your pockets and help her keep the site afloat! NO, KOS did not ask me to do this for her -in fact it has been awhile since she and I have communicated. I was just shocked that the amount on the Donation Thermometer was not rising!! Please try to help her out if you can... OK done with my rant...

So how have you all been? Anything going on? Any actions? Any Ideas? We better do something and soon!! America is in one hell of a mess... obummer really kept his promise of fundamentally changing America...I just can't understand why dems and all these neo nazi groups have so much power.. what the hell has happened to conservatives?... looks like they run with tail tucked- with NO VOICE!!! This is crazy!!! Even Fox has been flushed down the toilet! Just shocked that this has happened...

I have been busy painting, trying to figure out how to promote my artwork and I have been asked to become the art instructor in my community next season...also trying to get a handle on my health. My dear hubby had Open Heart Surgery a little over a month ago, so that has kept me very busy! He is doing very well... I had a lot of new tests and MRI"s -awaiting results... in other words same ole same ole...

So good to see the familiar names and some new ones... I will drop by more often...

Miss you all, Toodles... Suzie

Now... How about some donations for KOS and some IDEAS for actions? Ready... set... go!! 

BTW- The site NEEDS an ACTION to come alive again!! What ideas do you have?- no matter how crazy- just not illegal... post them! Go For it! 

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Exactly!!! Good ideas thanks for posting...

Maybe all active members should give opinions regarding the continuing "preaching to the choir" in other words posting of daily news that we all -pretty much- know already... Of course if there is New news,  unusual news, or items we missed sure we need to see it... But the point of a forum is discussion!!

Perhaps more ideas on how to create more discussion... Perhaps folks can come up with a list of Hot Topics... Let's face it Facebook, Twitter and most other venues only reach your friends... how many of you still have dems for friends? We need a way to have Open discussion with Dems/lefties -actually debate the issues... How many are willing to join left leaning sites and engage them with facts... maybe have a day set for open debate and invite them here... who knows...if I change one mind I feel good about it... Everyone has to agree that things are out of control... maybe even a positive debate on what people really want... I don't know... I don't have all the answers... but I hate to see the site die out... What are other sites doing? (besides closing)

There are some very smart people on this site surely we can come up with some ideas... for instance an example of shared state info such as KayDeeBeau has posted below... 

So good to hear from you.

I understand the nerves still shot and NOT paying attention to the news - same for me except for Breitbart.  Gave up on the Blaze when it has been anti-Trump all day, everyday

In Tennessee we are hoping Joe Carr - who had an impressive showing against Lamar Alexander in 2014 decides to challenge Bob Corker.  Carr could be a shoo-in this time.  

Many have declared for Gov - only a couple are worth their salt.  Will be interesting to weed out the wheat from the chaff (not so hard from my perspective)

All politics ARE LOCAL and in Tennessee, we have gained much ground since 2009.  This next election will be interesting.  Many of our stalwarts are leaving the Legislature for even more local involvement. So we shall see

And while I don't comment here very often, this was still my FIRST place to join and become active sometime around 2009 - so this will always be special to me.

Didn't realize the donation thermometer...yikes

Thanks for the update!!

Hmm? Robert is this to KayDeeBeau or me? 


LOL - I comment here - though not as often as I should...Most times, I have already read about (days ago) what is posted here. Sorry... You can never be too careful.  I have not been absent for 7 years :)

I still run across people in my Sunday School Class who are aghast (even though I forward info to them) at the state of affairs


Am I missing something? Your name is so familiar, but it says you are a fairly new member? Are you a long time member with a new account? Hmmm?

Any way I have only been gone a few months... my health could not handle the stress... so I sold the site...

Glad you are hear either way, perhaps you can help get some discussions going?



So good to hear from you also! I am so happy to hear you still follow the site... from the stats I have always known folks are watching the site- it has just been difficult to generate discussion! Your local news from Tennessee should be a topic of discussion...Also glad to see you are still active/knowledgeable in your local politics...

I would come back full time, if we could somehow generate more discussion from "old timers" such as yourself!!

So glad you replied!!! Hope to hear more from you...


Good to see a post from you Ms Suzie. Kos is doing a fine job and agree that members "who can reach deep into their pockets should do so.

Glad to hear Will is on the road to recovery.

I have been very busy within the local political activity. Trying to help with the campaign for Mayor and City Council of Prescott. I do not live in Prescott but what happens in Prescott affects my community and other surrounding communities. I know 3 of the candidates well and know them to be good people with excellent conservative values.Public service retirement obligations in the form of a proposition is on the ballot(second attempt) to raise taxes in the City. The unfunded liability best action to offer relief is a solution in the state legislature or I fear the liability will continue to grow. The increase in tax is.75 cents.

The darn Rolex wearing ranchers coupled with developers out and within Prescott thru a wringer backed by $$'s into the race for Mayor against a good fine woman. I am doing all I can to help her campaign. I'm sad to say Prescott has a lot of wealthy Republicans and.75 cents is pocket change to them and they seemingly do not worry about residents who live on a shoe string budget. Future development plans for Prescott will have some benefit for our universe here in the high desert and a lot of negative impact as well. The notion of a regional approach to the plans Prescott envisions is AWOL.

I am finding that to be engaged as a republican here in my universe is an expensive one. No,zero, consideration by event planners for less income folks to participate. I keep at raising this awareness. I do volunteer work to make up for the inability to participate where the cost to do so does not allow within my monthly budget. I am doing considerable from my home perch.

I have also been busy writing letters to the editor of local news sources and so far only had one published, I write two or more a week. The local news conglomerate is moving left. I also have been busy calling and writing to appropriate GOP orgs, individual folks within to provide a candidate to run against Flake. I think he will be challenged in the primary and hopefully he will lose.

I have also been busy maintaining a website for my republican women's club. Helping out with the newsletter and other campaigns for special event campaigns we do to keep the lights on. I stay engaged and active.

I am so angry with Mitch McConnell and Ryan and others of their types. The Senate is not doing the work of the people.

I do miss you Suzie.

I am going to make my contribution to 912 today and I hope other members follow suit. 912 is a much needed home for the members to congregate. Kos should not be expected to bare the cost.

Hi there my Dear Friend,

So glad to see you, Patricia, I cannot express how proud I am of you! And all that you have accomplished being a disabled woman!  You are amazing! and I wish we could clone you!!! and I wish I could say I have done as much as you!

When I spoke of regulars who donate you are one I was speaking of! As much as your donations have always been appreciated, we need others to help support the site too... You already do so much to help... You are a valued member...

Your actions of writing letters should be a topic of discussion... I believe we still have a link that KOS created to make writing letters easy...and your info on your local politics is much needed!

Miss you too!

I will write more later...

PS- might just get to Az for a meet-We bought a new Motor Home!!!

Hi, A new Motor Home!! I treasure the thought of meeting you personally. If you and Will drive the MH to my area a good place to park it can be found in my 55+ community of Orchard Ranch.

I fear that no matter what I do its never enough. I try and shake that thought off for it can have a paralyzing affect. Just keep plugging along.

Chris' sister passed recently from the ravages of colon cancer. A good and fine old friend and colleague just passed from brain cancer. I will miss his contact on FB.

Life gives many opportunities some we have some control to do all we can to effect direction others no control what so ever. 

Looking forward to the day to meet you and Will.

Hi Suzie,  Good to year from you and what you have been up to the past months.

I've cut way back on posting as health and problems here at home.  Am912 has done a great job of posting information that we all should read and be aware of that is hard to find.

I miss the Rant page as well.  It was a good way for members to touch base and give an opinion.

Sorry, I'm still unable to contribute as my income has not increased as medical costs keep rising.  I know there are a lot of people in the same or worse shape as I.

Hi there Norma,

So glad to see you are still here! So sorry to hear about life's problems, was hoping things would improve for you...please do not concern yourself with donations, you have enough going on... and would be happy just to hear from you once in awhile as you can...

Take Care my friend,


Sooz it was great to see you posting.  That surgery of Will's had to be terrifying so I'm glad to hear he's doing well.  Modern medicine; isn't it amazing.  Please give him my best!

I haven't bugged members for contributions but was getting close to it.  I definitely appreciate your intervention.  It's been really rough on my end for months now so anything is appreciated.  I wish we had sponsors!  Oh well.  We'll continue on as long as I can.

Stay in touch!


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