Las Vegas Mass Shooting Kills 59, Injures 527 Updates


Las Vegas shooting kills 59, injures 527

Sara Fischer 3 hrs ago  10/02/17

Las Vegas authorities say 59 people are dead and about 527 injured after a man opened fire on an outdoor concert late Sunday night. The suspect is Stephen Paddock, 64, a white male from Mesquite, NV.

The FBI said there were no apparent links to international terrorist organizations, but about 19 firearms were found in the hotel room from which he fired and 18 additional firearms, explosives, several thousand rounds of ammo were found in Paddock's home. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said some of the weapons had scopes, and fertilizer and chemicals were found in his car.

  • Police said in a press release that Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, across the street from the venue, and SWAT officers found him dead when they entered the room. There were about 19 firearms in the room.
  • The Department of Homeland Security said there was no "specific credible threat" to other public venues. The police said four crime scenes are currently being investigated (the hotel room, the venue, the suspect's home, and a fourth location).
  • Lombardo said an investigation remains ongoing into the suspect's girlfriend, who is in Tokyo.
  • For context: This is the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, passing the 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Full coverage: How it unfolded ; Trump comments ; suspect identified ; brother speaks ; lawmakers react ; deadliest mass shootings

Details from the scene, per the NYT: "The shooting happened near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Video posted online showed the country singer Jason Aldean performing outside the hotel at Route 91 Harvest, a country music festival, interrupted by the sound of automatic gunfire. The music stopped, and concertgoers ducked for cover. 'Get down,' one shouted. 'Stay down,' screamed another."

Footage from the scene, via AP:

"Everyone was running, people were getting trampled," concertgoer Jon Bessett told NBC. "We ran as quick as we could into hotel and tried to get on the elevator but couldn't get in. Everyone was running for safety."

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval weighed in on the attack Monday morning:

As did President Trump:

Editor's Note: This post has been corrected to note that Marilou Danley is believed to be Paddock's roommate, not his wife.

This is a breaking news post and will be updated as we learn more. Follow @axios on Twitter for the latest.



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LISTEN: The Moment Police Found Shooter Dead In Hotel Room
Police Scanner Audio....



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Who Is Stephen Paddock? Here's What We Know So Far




‘I’m going to die’: fear grips Vegas strip; gunman kills 59
9 minutes ago

Ariel Image'I'm-going-to-die':-fear-grips-Vegas-strip;-gunman-kills-59



October 2, 2017

ISIS Persists in Vegas Claim, Dubs Shooter 'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki'



‘My Brother Did This…I Couldn’t Be More Dumbfounded’



Concert Gun Shots In Las Vegas 2017



The human toll of mass shootings

Here's how the Las Vegas shooting compares to all of the U.S. mass shooting events since 2013, using data from the Gun Violence Archive. The group uses a broad definition of mass shootings: any reported incident where at least four people where shot or killed — excluding the shooter — at the same time and location.



Must watch...imo




Las Vegas Massacre: What They're NOT Telling You



3 hrs ago  10/02/17

Las Vegas gunman had 42 total firearms in hotel and home

Just a thought....there are too many different reports coming out as to how many guns were found in the hotel room. Although the videos taken were a little blurry, I would have expected to see some kind of flash coming from the shooters gun at night.....

full auto ak-47 night shoot



Machine Guns

Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S.
Private ownership of machine guns made after 1986 is banned by federal law. All pre-1986 automatic weapons must be registered with the ATF and require extensive background checks before private citizens may own them.

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Loud continuous rounds of gunfire, mass murder conveniently kills himself right before the entrance of the police.



Less than 24 hours after Stephen Paddock terrorized and slaughtered 59 innocent people, injured 527, his brother had no problem talking to the media. His goofy arse faces and body language during the media interview was downright weird, unnatural (?) for a man who lost his brother and who will always be known as the biggest mass murder in u.s. history.

Updated! Las Vegas Mass Shooting Biggest in U.S. History, Gunman …


Why break two windows when your up on the 32nd floor? Any body hear glass breaking, see glass falling?


How convenient huh?

'A Vile Organization'
The Left Is Using Las Vegas To Wage All-Out War Against The NRA


Here Is What We Know About The People Killed In

The Las Vegas Shooting

Websites such as Infowars, Prison Planet is posting....

"Sheriff Lombardo suggests shooter was "radicalized" & authorities attempting to uncover source"

I had to check it out for myself to see if the statement above was true because it wasn't reported in the main stream popular news sites if you were to google it. The Sheriffs statement above is starting to spread like a wild fire.


Sheriff J. Lombardo gave an update today 10/03/17 on the recent Mandalay Bay Shooting investigation.

After viewing the video and listening to Sheriff Lombardos briefing, he did not suggest the shooter was radicalized. At least that is my take on it. 

The investigation seems to be going well, the Sheriff will have more information perhaps in the next 48 hours. After viewing the briefing video, it sure looks like the Sheriff has a good handle on the investigation. I would trust him to give factual information before looking at outside media sources.


In the video briefing the Sheriffs answer to the journalist was longer but here is the meat of his statement from todays briefing. Compare it with the statement above that's flying around the web.....

The video starts around around 27:28.

"And I want to understand the motivation you just described o.k. and to prevent any further incidents. And you know did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us and/then we want to identify the source."

What ever they discover in the shooting investigation could/will aid them in future investigations. 


Not a bad idea to listen to the entire briefing so you know what is going on. imo

One of our local town's policemen was at the concert - backstage as a guest. Here's an account of his experience from our local paper today;


A dream come true for one local lawman turned into a nightmare as a storm of bullets rained down on a country music festival in Las Vegas.

Last Sunday, Seguin Police Deputy Chief Bruce Ure was at the SiriusXM Route 91 Festival, backstage as Jason Aldean began to perform.

It was during the country music star’s performance that suspected gunman Stephen Craig Paddock, a 64-year-old retiree from Mesquite, Nevada, began shooting at the 22,000 concert-goers in front of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

“I estimate that we personally took on about 400 to 500 rounds,” he said. “What are the odds of surviving that? To walk away from that? It is a terrible feeling to think, ‘I’m gonna die tonight. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, but I’m probably going to die.’”

Ure was at the festival celebrating his birthday with his best friend, J.R. Schumann, the program manager for SiriusXM’s country western stations, including The Highway.

“He invited me to come on out, it was my birthday week,” Ure said. “We thought we would hang out there, go to the festival, have a good time, take in a little gambling, see the sights. That is how it started, that is not how it ended up.”

At the large event, Ure found himself with a seat on stage for the shows, and the opportunity to meet and greet the performers backstage.

“Everything was going just flawlessly, I was a kid in the candy store,” he said. “My seat was on stage. I got to meet all of the performers and talk with them for great lengths of time backstage. It was just a dream come true for somebody that appreciates country music. I got to meet people I listen to on the radio and enjoy their company.”

Before heading out for the last shows, Ure said he planned on wearing a bright orange Jimmy Buffet shirt, but changed his mind.

“That morning I knew I was going to be up on stage again, and this was the big show — everybody is going to be there,” he said. “I thought, well, ‘I’m going to be sitting up on stage, and most of those stage folks are wearing dark clothing because you don’t want to see them when they are moving around.’ Then, I thought ‘I’m going to put on my dark button-up shirt so you can’t see me as much on stage.’ That was probably one of the moves that saved my life. That orange shirt would have been really easy to spot.”

Like the previous day, Ure was backstage again, mixing and mingling with the performers, enjoying the show.

“We went over to the festival, we’re having a great time and all of the performers went on and then the last performer, Jason Aldean, that’s who everybody was there for — 20,000 to 25,000 people,” Ure said. “I was backstage in the VIP area when Jason Aldean was playing. We were standing back there with some SiriusXM people and some of the other performers that had performed earlier. ”

It was when Aldean was on stage that the dream celebration turned into a nightmare for Ure, and the thousands of other attendees.

Ure, along with the group of people, was on the right side of the stage, closest to the Mandalay Bay, when he heard about five shots.

“I turned to JR and said, ‘What a jerk, somebody throwing fireworks in the air, or is that pyro?” Ure asked.

Schumann told him there weren’t any pyrotechnics setup, and that’s when the first round of gunfire started.

“Then I notice the Astroturf that we were standing on in the VIP area shot up, there was dirt popping up everywhere,” he said. “I knew what that was because when we go to the gun range when the bullets hit the berm in the back you see the ‘poof’ from the dirt. That’s what it was doing all around us — in front of me, behind me, left and right. They were popping everywhere.”

Knowing they were being shot at, but unaware of where it was coming from, everybody dropped to the ground to take cover, Ure said.

“I screamed, ‘Gun, get down, get down!’ So most everybody did back there,” he said

A bullet whizzed passed Ure’s face, hitting the ground near his hand and exploding, causing the shrapnel to hit him.

“It was about 8 inches from my head. At that point in time, I knew that I was at the wrong place,” he said.

It quickly became apparent that the bullets were coming from higher up.

“It also dawned on me, that the only way that could be hitting the turf, with a 10-foot fence around us was if somebody was up above us,” he said. “I screamed, ‘Gun! Run!’ Everybody back there knew I was a cop. We ran.”

Ure was able to find cover between a couple of tour buses.

“We got between two of the performers’ tour buses. Then we got another barrage of bullets — 75 rounds or so. They were hitting the tour bus we were hiding behind,” he said. “That is when I knew this was going to be a very, very bad night. This was more than an active shooter. This was somebody up high.”

That’s when Ure called for help from Seguin Police Capt. Victor Pacheco.

“I needed intelligence because I needed to know which way to tell people to run, which way I needed to run,” he said. “I call him and I remember telling him, ‘Victor, I’m under fire. There’s a sniper, an active shooter. I need you to turn on TV, any news channel, internet, find out where this guy is because I’ve got to know which way to run.’ He responded with some interesting words.”

Ure recalled telling Pacheco, this was going to be the worst mass murder shooting in the history of America, and he was right, with 58 dead and more than 500 injured.

“I could recognize that within the first minute of this event,” he said. “I never heard gunshots like that and I just knew that this was worse than terrible.”

In the midst of bullets, Ure said he didn’t have time to process what was going on, however, his survival mode kicked in — as well as his 33 years of training.

“While he was looking for information I decided to turn on my phone’s camera because I determined, I probably wasn’t going to survive. In fact, I felt very confident that was I was going to die that night,” he said. “I could only record about 35 seconds because I needed to get back to my phone to talk to Victor. That 35 seconds in there where you hear the gunshots, there’s no break in them. It is just so fast.”

After a short time, Ure said they were able to determine there were two vastly different sounds when the barrage of bullets was being shot — crisp and muffled.

“When it was crisp, it was dancing around us, when it was muffled we didn’t see the ground move or hear it hitting stuff right next to us,” he said. “I figured the guy was shooting at us and then was pointing and shooting into the main crowd. What I didn’t know was that he had two different vantage points.”

The group hiding behind the buses waited for a pause and a change in sounds before making a run for it, Ure said.

“When we took off running, we were trying to get everybody to run, we were hollering at them, ‘Run faster, run faster,’” he said. “Then I think that is when he saw us because we were running directly away from him, perpendicular from his shooting point, from his vantage behind the stage and it was a light area of asphalt. When we were running I heard the crisp sound, which meant that muzzle was pointing at us, because that was the sharpest sound.”

As they ran, Ure felt chunks of asphalt strike the back of his legs as the bullets hit the ground behind them.

“You could hear it getting louder,” he said. “The pieces were getting bigger. I hollered at JR, the PG version is ‘We’re getting ready to get shot!’ About that time, a big piece of asphalt hit me and I thought that shot had to be four or five feet behind me, then it stopped. Then it paused and it went to the muffled sound. That is when I knew he ran out of ammo about four feet away from me and JR personally.”

With the stage helping to conceal them as they ran, Ure spotted a man laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

“When I saw the guy laying down, I thought he was dead. It was just a sight to see,” he said. “Then, I saw him move. I thought, ‘Wow, he’s alive.’ So me and this other guy went and picked him up. I told him, ‘this is going to hurt, brother.’ We drug him about 40 yards. He was shot right there. I knew that the guy could shoot us because he had done that. This evil, evil man kept shooting. When I got him across the street, they were still hitting out in the street, the bullets were.”

Recently, the Seguin Police Department received a donation of tourniquets from the Guadalupe County 100 Club, with all of the officers undergoing training on how to properly use them. That was a refresher course for Ure, who is a former EMT.

The man suffered a shot to the leg that hit his femoral artery, Ure said.

“It was bad. I didn’t have a belt on, and I knew I needed something. He had a belt on, so I took his belt off, and I wrapped it around,” he said. “I tried to tie it but it kept loosening up. I just twisted it up like the old balsa wood airplane propellers and then I held it. I told him, ‘I can not let go of this until I get you to a doctor, so it’s just you and me. I’m not leaving you until I get you to a doctor.’”

The difficult part would now be getting the man to a hospital, along with a couple of other gunshot victims that were brought to Ure.

“That is when people thought, this must be first aid because two other people with gunshots show up,” he said. “I couldn’t tell them differently because ‘can’t’ wasn’t in the vocabulary and ‘won’t’ wasn’t in anybody’s vocabulary.”

Ure began yelling to get the attention of a man who was driving to escape in his car.

“In my book, if I had to rank the heroes of the night, he’s No. 1,” he said. “He was in his car, he was two blocks away from being out of total chaos in a massacre and he chose to stop. The guy was almost out — 20,000 people and he’s going to be out. He’s probably going to be one of the first ones out. He stops. I tell him I got to get these people to medical help.”

Knowing all three victims needed trauma teams, Ure told the driver to look for the nearest trauma hospital in Las Vegas and take them to it.

The man with the gunshot wound laid on Ure’s lap as the deputy chief continued to tighten the tourniquet to keep him from bleeding out.

“My guy that I was helping, I had him pretty much laid in my lap, we were almost cuddling, and I had my right arm holding the belt trying to keep it tight,” he said. “Every now and then I had to tell him, ‘I’ve got to tighten it up, I know it’s going to hurt, but I gotta tighten it up.’ I kept tightening it up, and he would holler, and scream in pain, but he would follow it up with, ‘It’s OK.’”

Ure described the drive to the hospital like a scene from a movie, running red lights on Las Vegas Boulevard, speeding, driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic, jumping curbs and driving incredibly fast on the highway.

While en route, Ure began taking a brief medical history to help ensure the three victims got the treatment they needed when they arrived at the hospital.

“I got their names, age, allergies to medicines and medical conditions,” he said. “I was afraid they were all passing out because my guy was. That was why I was asking him all these questions. He did have an allergy to medicine. It was great because when we pulled up there, I was able to give a quick medical history and let them know which one was critical because I had triaged them, it really helped to expedite them.”

Inside the trauma center was chaos, however, Ure felt a sense of relief wash over him for the three lives he helped save.

“When I got him into the hospital, I was feeling pretty good about what we had done, until the next patient we helped bring in ... she didn’t make it,” he said. “That small victory was very short lived.”

After getting bandaged up, Ure began making the seven-mile trek on foot back to the Mandalay Bay where he was staying, about 15 floors below the shooter’s 32-floor perch.

Soaked in blood — his own and the victims he helped — Ure stopped at a convenience store, where he met a man that would get him set up at another large hotel and casino for a shower and some sleep.

“I told him I was just trying to get back to the hotel. I didn’t know if I was going to get in or not, but I had friends out there and I needed that emotionally. I really needed that,” he said. “He tells me, ‘I’ll give you a ride. He’s got a brand new Range Rover, beautiful leather seats, and he didn’t think twice.”

After the man helped Ure get a room, the deputy chief cleaned up and then made the most difficult call.

“I waited until about 6 a.m. Texas time and I called my wife to tell her what was going on and that I was OK,” he said. “That was an unbelievable conversation.”

Following a brief nap, Ure began the journey again to meet with his friends at the Mandalay Bay.

Once he got back to his room later Monday night, Ure said he looked down at the venue and described what he said was an unbelievable sight.

“I was on the 17th floor and I could look out over the venue,” he said. “There as a 30-by-40 (foot) area and a fence in the middle of the venue and that was the death area. It was painted red. People hit the fence and they couldn’t get over the fence and he had a clear shot at them. He was just picking them off one at a time. He was aiming. He wasn’t just randomly shooting, hoping to hit somebody, he was aiming.”

After finally returning home on Tuesday, and returning to work on Thursday, Ure said he thought about the people he saved and wondered how they were doing.

He got an answer late Thursday night.

“Last night, I got a message on my office phone. It was from this guy, he says his name, and he said, ‘Hey, I think you’re the one that saved me.’ I cried,” Ure said through tears. “I cried. I couldn’t believe it. You do something like that to do it. You don’t ever go into anything like that and expect somebody to call you up and say thank you. As soon as I got the message last night, I cried.”

Ure was able to connect with the man Friday morning and talk.

The man’s father, who lives overseas, saw Ure’s story and called his son, telling him he found the guy that saved him.

“He told me when he was brought in, he knew that he was bad. They told him that,” he said. “When he came out of surgery, he kept asking ‘who was the guy?’ I wasn’t going to leave my name with the hospital. You do something like that because it is the human thing to do.”

The man, who Ure asked not to release his name, is from Victoria, Canada, and is forever bonded with the South Texas lawman.

“I now have a new friend,” Ure said. “I joked with him because he was laying across my lap and his head was literally laying up against my left shoulder and told him I was more intimate with you than I was with my wife on our first three dates. That phone call was good for both of us.”

It wasn’t just the call from the guy, who filled Ure’s eyes up with tears.

On Friday afternoon, he received a text from the man’s mother, thanking him for being “the hero and angel watching over her son.”

“Then this afternoon, his mom ... his mom sent me a beautiful, beautiful text,” he said with a break in his voice and tears in his eyes. “Her words were, ‘I just need to hear your voice.’ When someone says, ‘I just need to hear your voice.’ I can’t think of any prettier words in the dictionary. That for me is like a song form God himself. Those are just amazing words. It is things like that that really help.”

Ure was among those injured, but he has also been hailed a hero for saving the lives of at least three people who were shot.

However, he said he is far from hero status.

“I’m not a hero,” he said. “I was in a situation where I reacted the way I did because I am blessed to have had training. It was just instinct. You wanna know who the heroes are? The heroes are the ones who helped me carry that man. They are the ones like the man who stopped his car. The heroes are the ones who carried people out on fences. I saw a big garbage bin where they were throwing people in it to get them out of there. Those are heroes.”

Additionally, Ure said his friend, Schumann, also earned that honor for making sure that people ran and not leaving anybody behind.

“JR, my buddy, led people when people were shooting at them,” he said. “That was my buddy, I’m proud of him, he was a hero. JR kept running straight to help people keep running out. He was leading people and encouraging people to run. He could have been out five minutes before that, but he was trying to help others get out. Everybody else was his priority.”

It was in this time of darkness that Ure saw the light of humanity shine.

“This guy is shooting everybody to kill. I will continue to say that was the worst night of humanity, but it was also the best night of humanity,” he said. “That is the only way that I can deal with the worst. Emotionally, it wrecks you. I have seen my fair share of terrible tragedies, they don’t come close to this.”

Ure said this tragedy has forever changed him.

“I am a changed person forever — good and bad,” he said. “I see so much more good. I’ve never been a negative person, but I see even more good now. That one person, it was one person out of 20,000 to 25, 000 people that was bad. I believe the best of humanity was there that night. In fact, I don’t believe it, I know it. I saw it.”

Bruce Ure

I was backstage in the VIP area when Jason Aldean was playing. We were standing back there with some SiriusXM people and some of the other performers that had performed earlier. ”

It was when Aldean was on stage that the dream celebration turned into a nightmare for Ure, and the thousands of other attendees.

Ure, along with the group of people, was on the right side of the stage, closest to the Mandalay Bay, when he heard about five shots.

“I turned to JR and said, ‘What a jerk, somebody throwing fireworks in the air, or is that pyro?” Ure asked.

Schumann told him there weren’t any pyrotechnics setup, and that’s when the first round of gunfire started.

“Then I notice the Astroturf that we were standing on in the VIP area shot up, there was dirt popping up everywhere,” he said. “I knew what that was because when we go to the gun range when the bullets hit the berm in the back you see the ‘poof’ from the dirt. That’s what it was doing all around us — in front of me, behind me, left and right. They were popping everywhere.”

Knowing they were being shot at, but unaware of where it was coming from, everybody dropped to the ground to take cover, Ure said.

“I screamed, ‘Gun, get down, get down!’ So most everybody did back there,” he said

A bullet whizzed passed Ure’s face, hitting the ground near his hand and exploding, causing the shrapnel to hit him.

“It was about 8 inches from my head. At that point in time, I knew that I was at the wrong place,” he said.

It quickly became apparent that the bullets were coming from higher up.

“It also dawned on me, that the only way that could be hitting the turf, with a 10-foot fence around us was if somebody was up above us,” he said. “I screamed, ‘Gun! Run!’ Everybody back there knew I was a cop. We ran.”

When I watched the first video footage of the shooting massacre my first thoughts were...thank God Aldeans band stopped playing immediately after the shooting started. Would the crowd have heard the shots if the band continued to play?

According to this video, it looks like Aldeans band was just 16 seconds into their last song, then fled the stage....

What a blessing to have officer Ure standing on stage at the right time, at the right location. There is a reason for everything, no coincidence.


Not well publicized today with bold headlines,....oops, change of timeline.....

Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Shooting Into Crowd of Concert-Goers, Sheriff Says


Something seriously smells bad. imo

Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal


IN THE SANCTUARY CITY OF CHICAGO: There’s a Las Vegas Massacre Every Month


As FBI Investigates Vegas Attack, Remember its FAILED Islamic Jihadi Investigations


Betrayal! The Pervasive & Defining Crime Of Our Age


Sheriff seems agitated to me.

NOW THIS: Las Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock Was DRILLING Holes in the Wall Before the Attack (VIDEO)


Age of Terrorism, We Are Living It ~ Must Read Survival Tips


October 5, 2017 by Mason Dixon Tactical
A Survivalist Self Assessment


I was wrong about the timing of when the shooting started. Looks like the concert crowd started leaving before Aldeans last song. (crowd fleeing around 3:30)


In this video you can clearly hear rapid shooting from the hotel, a somewhat long pause, then the last two (single) final shots spaced apart. Final two shots around 3:25 and 3:34.

New audio recording from inside Mandalay Bay during mass shooting
Joe Bartels, Kel Dansby
6:52 PM, Oct 10, 2017
19 mins ago

Watch video,



Pressure mounts for Vegas police to explain response time


Mandalay Bay executives question police timeline on Las Vegas shooting

John Bacon USA TODAY

11:39 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 News


ABC News: Mandalay Bay didn't call police when security guard was shot by Stephen Paddock
Bryce Riley
4:41 PM, Oct 11, 2017
22 mins ago


Published: October 11, 2017



If ISIS Was Behind Las Vegas Shooting, There's a Terrifying Reason It Won't Prove It Yet


Vegas Shooter Used Hotel Freight Elevator, His Reno Home Was Broken Into
Published: October 11, 2017


Las Vegas Massacre
7 hours ago
Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend placed on TSA watch list, report says
Fox News


Las Vegas Massacre
2 days ago
Mandalay Bay security guard was shot six minutes before Las Vegas gunman began shooting, police say
By Nicole Darrah, Fox News



The Latest: Las Vegas gunman barricaded stairwell door

Former Navy Seal: Las Vegas gunman’s room was not a contained situation

By Doug Poppa · October 12, 2017

Former U.S. Navy Seal and author, Matt Bracken, who served on Seal Team 2 and Seal Team 4 told the Baltimore Post-Examiner on Wednesday that he disagreed with the LVMPD that the gunman’s room was contained.

Bracken said that waiting for SWAT to enter the room over an hour later was an extremely tactically poor decision and could have led to the death and wounding of many more people. He said that officers should have made entry into the gunman’s room almost immediately after they arrived outside the gunman’s door.

“It was still an active shooter incident whether he was firing at that time or not,” Bracken said. “It’s not a contained situation until they got their boot on his neck and the room has been cleared for sure.”

Bracken also said that the police had no idea of what weapons were in the room and if the gunman’s weapon had jammed or if he was loading up magazines for another volley of fire on the crowd at the concert venue. That’s why he believes they made a poor decision by not entering the room immediately.

Bracken said that it was still an active shooter situation to the police and civilians on the ground even after the gunman stopped firing. Nobody knew if he would start firing again, Bracken said.

His comments are bolstered by the police radio traffic from that night.

The initial police response to the Mandalay Bay was swift, however after arriving, there tactically was no response until they breached the door at 11:20 p.m.

Police said the first shots were fired at 10:05 p.m. At 10:12 p.m. the first two police officers arrived on the 31st floor. “Control 3Mary14, I’m inside the Mandalay Bay on the 31st floor, I can hear the automatic fire coming from one floor ahead, one floor above us.” “It’s fully automatic fire, I’m right below it.” While the police officer called that in, people in the concert venue were still under attack.

The gunman stopped firing at 10:15 p.m. At 10:17 p.m. the first two police officers arrive on the 32nd floor.

The next radio traffic is, “We are going to make entry into the [unintelligible] to make contact with the subject, see if we can get up to him.” “We’re doing that right now, 32nd floor.” “We’re making our way to give you support, okay is he still firing?” “Control 3Mary14, I am in the stairwell on the 32nd floor.” Control 169SE I need the radio please. I’m on the 32nd floor, the room is going to be 135.” “We have a four-man element at the very end of the hall.”

“We have the hallway contained. The room where the shots were fired from, it is contained right now.” “I have multiple rifles and plenty of officers.” “Hold the stairwell and we’ll wait for the Zebra team [SWAT] for the plan”. “I need to know if we have that floor evacuated other than our suspects.” “We have snipers going up soon so I need to know if it’s evac’d.”

At 11:20 they breach the door and enter the suite. At 11:27 they breach the second door inside the room, then Zebra20 advises the dispatcher that the suspect is down, one officer discharged his weapon and there are “no other injuries.”

Mumbai-type attack

Police were deploying as if a Mumbai-type terrorist attack was occurring in Las Vegas as they should have.

As strike teams spread out to other locations they were receiving commands from supervisors that “they” could be trying to split up our forces and it could be a diversion.

Terrorists normally use those tactics in small arms attacks across the world; split up the forces, call in fake attacks and use diversions.

Inside the concert venue

Police at the concert venue also believed they had an active shooter inside the venue. “We have an active shooter, we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds.” “Control be advised shots are coming from Gate 7, Gate 7, shots are coming from Gate 7.” “183SamEasy, I have a rifle, I’m at an elevated position at the medical tent, I could use one more rifle at the medical tent.” “Confirming the Mandalay Bay and Ali Baba and Giles are the two shooting locations; do we have a third?”

Possible active shooters at other locations

These calls started to go out after the gunman stopped firing into the venue:

“Control 792, my team is at the House of Blues, we have two rifles.” “Have we confirmed with the Luxor that nobody heard shots over there?” “Units be advised a subject possibly has a possible suspect pinned down at Industrial and Circus Circus.” “Control 35SE, we have reports of shots fired inside New York New York.” “Units be advised possible shots fired inside New York New York.” “Shooter at the front desk, New York New York and everyone is in the kitchen.” “Officers do not go to valet of the Luxor, there’s possibly a black vehicle with a 445 [explosive device], there’s wires hanging out.”

“Reference the active shooter at New York New York their advising the active shooter is coming down the escalator from New York New York to the Excalibur.” “New York New York, it originally came in that many subjects were down.” “It came in at 2306 hours that there was a shooter at the front desk of New York New York, there’s approximately 150 people sheltered in place inside the kitchen there, and two shots were fired inside the casino floor.” “And there are several subjects down at New York New York, Zumanity.” “No answer at New York New York Security.” “If there’s no strike teams there, send two strike teams there.”

“Control 206Zebra [SWAT commander], whoever is responding to New York New York from the patrol side I need somebody to get into the cameras to verify if this is a diversion, break; I have three Metro SWAT teams, two that are basically assembled, one is headed over to New York New York, so we don’t completely split our forces, break.” “[Dispatch] Okay, now getting information, active shooter at the Tropicana.” “Have the bomb squad handle the issue over there at the Luxor, reference the 445 device, and I’ve got FBI SWAT, Henderson SWAT and North Las Vegas SWAT enroute to our staging area.”

“Units be advised now there is an active shooter at the Tropicana, active shooter at the Tropicana.” “Be advised we’re getting multiple calls of active shooters at multiple locations, may or may not be diversions, officers be aware.” “I’m outside Tropicana, I do not hear any 434’s [gunshots] this could be a diversion.” “We’re getting many calls from people who are sheltered in place, not injured.” “Do you need more strike teams, I have other agencies calling.” “If we have other agencies with officers available have them come to our staging area which is the front of South Central Area Command.” “Control Ida3 I just got reports of citizens, shots fired in the park area of New York New York.” “Units be advised there are two shots fired in the park area of New York New York. Now they’re also saying one at Aria.” So far New York New York is clear, negative shots fired.” Control 374, I got medics reporting that they are getting shot at, at Tropicana.” “If we have a strike team available send them to the Tropicana.” “We made contact inside the Tropicana, they are reporting negative shots fired.”

“Control 792, my team is an eight-man element, we are in the Michael Jackson Theatre, a thousand people inside. We’re going to protect this theatre.” Control “644PD, reports of shots fired at the Aria appear unfounded at this time. There is a large crowd running, nobody can say they actually heard shots.” “Control 156 we have reports of shots fired from the Tropicana Hotel.” 22 we are at the Tropicana there are no shots fired here.” “No shots fired at the Tropicana and so is Aria, negative for shots fired.” “I’m talking to Security now they are saying they have no shots fired inside New York New York.”

Excalibur is going to be code-4 [okay] we are going to need medical for one GSW [gunshot wound] victim in the lobby area.” “Do we have an update on the device at the Luxor?” “Is there a unit out with the possible 445 [explosive device]?” “We have it secure, it’s a black Audi SUV, we have it locked down everything evacuated and cleared out.” “Keep all our officers about 100 yards away.” “Units be advised now we’re getting shots fired at Caesar’s and Bellagio.” “Control 307, can we get confirmation a soon as possible from these additional hotels that are reporting shots fired?” “We’re making the phone calls now.” 705Victor, we have a report of a guy with a gun here.” “705Victor what’s your location? “At the Paris.” “Copy, there’s a male with a 413 [gun] at the Paris.” “Is that reported or confirmed?” “We got people running everywhere, Security is trying to point out where the gunman is, we can’t find him.”

“Bellagio is saying negative shots fired at Bellagio, negative shots fired at Bellagio. No one’s going in or out and they’re locking it down.” “Control 307WC, can we contact Planet Hollywood, we’re getting reports of possibly some shots there?” “I have Security talking to me right now, they say there is a person with a 413 [gun].” “Units on post we’re going to continue to get these reports, please try to vet them, remain calm as you can when handling them.” “I am strike team 13, I have arrived at the Paris, making entry into the north sportsbook doors.” “According to Security at New York New York, negative shots fired.” “We have several strike teams inside the Paris negative shots fired, everybody is leaving though.” “When the strike teams get to their assigned hotel and casinos have them contact Security immediately.”

“The whole Route 91 is cleared.” It’s code-4 also at McCarron [International Airport] negative gunshots there.” “Paris casino is clear, we’re going to clear the nightclub.” “Units at the Bellagio entrance there’s a male walking in with a rifle, Bellagio employee entrance.” “Units be advised there’s a female with a gunshot wound to the head at the Tropicana.” “Control Bellagio is unfounded, Security is at the entrance.” “Caesars is refusing access into their building.” “That is fine that is what we asked them to do.”

My recordings ended at midnight.

Who was calling in these unfounded complaints is a subject of concern and I can only presume that they were the subject of a police investigation.

Another area of concern was the unencrypted tactical communications throughout the night. Movements and deployment of officers were broadcasted in the clear. Hopefully that is being addressed within the LVMPD.

Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman, told CNN last week that, “One individual brought this city to its knees.” We will have to wait for the investigation to be completed on that.

The tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas on October 1 was not only foreseeable but preventable. That will be the topic of a future story at the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

The article provide below, looks like it's claim is false. On the list of security guards provided in the article, Larry Jesus Campos is listed as a registered security guard. His first name is Larry, not Jesus.

Las Vegas Security Guard Shot by Vegas Killer is Not Registered as a Security Guard in the State of Nevada?
October 12, 2017

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The Sheriff looked like he was holding back from crying the entire time, slightly out of breath, looking exhausted. Needs to step down? I didn't learn one thing from the Sheriffs recent public statement......

Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo says, ‘no conspiracy’



Las Vegas casinos are in bed with the police

By Doug Poppa · October 20, 2017

LAS VEGAS: While the LVMPD and the FBI are jointly involved in the investigation of Stephen Paddock, delving into every aspect of his personal life to find out why he committed the worst mass shooting in United States history, there is another group of investigators also working feverishly but not for the same reasons as the police or the FBI.

They are the corporate investigators, whose numbers are many in Las Vegas and who are employed by the gaming industry to protect corporate interests and assets, specifically when it comes to possible civil litigation.

Throughout the city, employed by the corporations who run Las Vegas gambling and hotel establishments are many retired law enforcement officers from the ranks of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.  Read more ...


Eyewitness Report of Shooting at the Tropicana and NY NY

Explosive Compilation: Las Vegas Survivors Speak Out, Multiple Shooters In Multiple Locations

The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Oct 19, 2017

A good watch, imo.


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