Not in my backyard. That is a phrase that we have come to know. It means that while I support the activity, I don’t want it anywhere near my neighborhood. This is often used in regard to urban renewal, and most recently, windmill projects. My use of this phrase doesn’t concern any similar projects or subjects. My use of this phrase also is not being used in the context that I support a program, but not when it is near me. I am against terrorism everywhere…especially “in my backyard.”

The article above is about a vote regarding the zoning of the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America in Willowbrook, IL; a suburb of Chicago (about two miles south of my home). I have never picketed or opposed mosques in the area before, but the boldness of Muslim proselytization (Ground Zero Mosque controversy) and greater instance of domestic terrorism has made me more conscious of their presence.

So I decided to do a litle research on this group MECCA.

Artist’s conception drawing of the Muslim Educational Cultural Center of America as shown on the MECCA and CAIR websites.

MECCA has the following stated goals on their website:

  1. To establish an environment for the Muslim community to practice Islam and worship Allah (Almighty God) as outlined in the Quran and exemplified in the Sunnah.
  2. To guide young Muslims towards building a model Muslim character in the community.
  3. To educate Muslims with the teachings of Islam, provide an Islamic perspective to the challenges of our society, and strengthen ties among community members.
  4. To present Islam to the society, and build bridges of understanding with other cultures and faiths.
  5. To strengthen ties with other local and national Muslim organizations.
  6. To establish institutions, educational centers, and organizing activities to achieve the foregoing objective.

Those objectives seem innocent enough, but if you want to know something about someone, take a look at their friends. This is appropriate here since they state in their objectives that they want to spread Islam and work with other Muslim groups to do so. I looked at their top sponsors earlier today(which can’t be found on their page anymore) and have provided a little summary of these friends of MECCA.

Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) A supporting organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sound familiar? Yes, the same one that is hoping to take over Egypt. ISNA was founded with input from one of Islamic Jihad’s founding students. Nice guys, huh? This is an organization that has stated that their work and the work of their partner organizations in America “is a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands so that God’s religion (Islam) is made victorious.” The Muslim Brotherhood was kind enough to provide a list of these like-minded organizations. ISNA was one of them, along with the Muslim Student Associate of America & Canada, the North American Islamic Trust, the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers, Muslim Youth of North America, and the Council of Islamic Schools of North America. All of these organizations are on ISNA’s member list. One big happy family dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization.

They also are promoters of the Wahhabi sect of Islam. This is very significant. Wahhabi is the state sponsored sect in Saudi Arabia. Wahabi mosques account for 80% of all of the mosques in the United States and are owned by the Saudi’s. The alarming part is that Wahabi is a militant sect of Islam that hates the infidels (non-believers) and democracy. al-Qaeda sprang from Wahhabists. For more information check out

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) They are part of the Chicago Wahhabist Network. Interesting huh? One of their spokesmen, Oussama Jammal does not believe Muslims had anything to do with 9/11. Another spokesman, Rafeeq Jaber was president of the Islamic Association For Palestine until the organization was shut down by the US Government because of its terrorist connections. (source:

A former chairman of CIOGC, Abdul Malik Mujahid, published a book about jihad called Commanders of the Muslim Army. ( I don’t make this stuff up.)

Other prominent supporters of CIOGC are American Muslims for Palestine, an anti-Israel group with ties to the Mosque Foundation and Muslim Brotherhood; Islamic Relief which supports Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda; the Muslim American Society, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood that favors Sharia law; the Mosque Foundation. The Mosque Foundation is a group that has the stated goal of building mosques everywhere, but is also known for raising money for the families of suicide bombers. They have affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Well, they don’t fund the Holy Land Foundation anymore. That’s because the Holy Land Foundation was also shut down by the US government for funding groups like Hamas. Oh… Rafeeq Jaber used to work from them too. (source )

Mohammed Webb Foundation They are a group that wants to spread Islam in America. Their website and Facebook page are very light on material. I could not find anything objectionable on this group.

Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) Get ready for this…they state that one of their goals is social justice. This is really like shooting fish in a barrel. Social justice is thinly veiled code for socialism. They back up what they say by naming One Nation as one of their sponsors. One Nation is the conglomerate of socialist and communist groups that held that the sparsely attended rally on the National Mall last October. Another major progressive contributor is the Proteus Fund ( They have grant arms that give money promoting gay marriage (how is that compatible with Islam) , campaign finance limits, net neutrality, lower American military spending, open borders, immigration amnesty,….I still haven’t found anything Muslims would care about…… and closing Guantanamo Bay and ending profiling of Muslims for security checks. There it is. Their supporter list looks like George Soros’s speed dial. Please look at

But this is the Inner-City MUSLIM Action Network. Don’t they have Muslim groups that support them? Sure they do. One is Islamic Relief You may remember from earlier that they fund Hamas, al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) They are the most famous, or you may say infamous, of MECCA’s supporters. In short, CAIR has strong ties to Hamas, promote extremist views of Islam and it’s mission, and supports terrorism by funding it, denying it, and refusing to condemn it.

These five major groups are not just a sample of the groups that MECCA proudly listed as its supporters. This was all of them. If you judge someone by the company they keep, you would judge MECCA as a group that is at a minimum, soft on extreme Islam and at worst a point of indoctrination for terrorists. Dupage County must stop this danger from being built. Do I want risk from either side of the political spectrum? Not in my backyard.

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How much more evidence do we need? We have these organizations on video tape; we have their religious text, the Qu'ran, which can be read easily via the "Politically Incorect Guide to Islam and the Crusades", and volumes of like evidence - all screaming Death to America, giving all people of the world three choices only, to convert fully to Sharia Law, be enslaved as third class citizens, who must bow to every Muslum he passes in the street, obey every command directed at them, or die. Until the naive citizens of the world see these choices as literal, these zealots will prevail. How can this be, in this modern day world, they ask. What difference does it make - how- is what I answer. We know Who, Why, Where(worldwide) and when(asap). Their civilization hasn't evolved to the Guttenberg era yet, so the engraved invitations won't be coming anytime soon.

Thanks for the information Ron. The islamist have stated many times that they will take America without any violence, using our political correctness to defeat us.


Many of us know that islam is not a harmless , peaceful religion, but a political movement that is fraught with violence.



Good point OM. Our county has tried to enact an ordinance that would zone NEW construction for religious buildings to commercial areas only. The first people to oppose the zoning proposal were Catholics and other Christians in the tea parties here. The Muslims are now using our own arguments against us.


This is why I use the focus of the connections to terrorist organizations. I am trying to remove religion from the argument for the very reasons you cite. The government does not have to sanction illegal activities (funnelling money to recognized terrorist organizations). Will I be successful? I don't know, but I have to try. If public opinion can be successfully aroused, the community won't support it. I just hoping that turning the lights on will make the roaches run away.


As far as whose backyard is ok if not mine, I didn't mean that someone else should take the mosque. Terrorism shouldn't be near any of our homes. IT is the job of our elected officials to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic. The very Sharia law that they would like to impose is itself un-constitutional.


As far as how to do this within the Constitution...I hear you. This is tough ground to tread on.

Sorry . . . . . our Constitution "pretty much guarantees" freedom of religious practices, unless, of course, interpreted  by a Far Left wacko - - PC, most definitely, will get us k_lled.


There are three ways, as I see it, to stop the further infiltration of Islamic "religious practices"; 

(1) A Constitutional Amendment; i.e., outlaw religions based on hate and subjugation

(2) A great awakening to the power of Judeo-Christian beliefs, ethics and practices

(3) Modern Crusades


At present, Muslims in the USA are implementing their plan as the lsm/msm dilute its meaning and pooh-pooh its chances of happening - - it is happening - just look around!


An Amendment seems pretty unlikely, #2 is occurring all over the world - - and also in the USA, while #3 seems quite unlikely, unless in self defense of a "clear and present danger".


We're hampered by the normally immoral and generally unethical Far Left as they're the "squeaky wheel" and the msm/lsm provides cover and "atta-boys" to further their goals.  They still don't realize that under Sharia Law they are "specifically on the hit list".


Join a church if not already a member, become active in your community and demonstrate to moderate Muslims their religion should be practiced without infringing on the rights of others.


Moderate Muslims, I believe, already understand this.  


Nature's way, to diminish/dilute radical swings in behavior, is to "dilute the gene pool" by survival of rational practices.


Don't look to the government for intervention as it is ignorant of, or complicit in, this takeover. We have a chance to turn the tide in 2012 - - -  elect more rational Americans!



Om, I agree changing the constitution can come back to bite us in the derriere if we are not careful. We have lived with each other’s differences (not necessarily well or tolerant) and used our laws to keep things in check.

There have been other religions that have had to alter their practices ex: Mormons and polygamy. We did not change the constitution but we changed our laws and enforced them. There is also the question of whether they are a religion or a political movement - we don't have time and need a solution now.

Muslims/Islam has already been here for a long time. The fear is with the Islamist/Jihadist that has the potential to implement Sharia Law.

We need to teach our children about the danger that hides in this “religion” and their history of brutal domination of others. We were somewhat taken by surprise how fast this has come on us, how will they be able to keep the fight when it is among tall around them?

Yes Luis522 you are correct.  I agree with you completely.  We have more than one, two, three + enemies and are fighting battles from many dif directions. Like Van Jones said hit them from top to bottom, inside and out and left to right etc. 

My comment had to do with the original article that is based on the Willowbrook Muslim Educational Center where allowing one we know leads to opening the door to the other being implementing Sharia Law.  If we continue to gain control of at least Repubs for now and keep working on the rest, stop them from distorting our laws and enforce the protections that are in place that is our best hope.  We cannot stop a group cliaming they want to practice their religion (regardless if you think they have a valid religion or not) and not hurt the rest of us.   



Surely you haven't given up on turning back the "Radical Muslim Hoards" that are taking over our nation.  Political Correctness is the fuel that permits irrational thoughts and processes which the Left uses to destroy our nation; i.e., diluting Natural Law.


Natural Law, a basic principle our nation was founded on is only valid so long as we have a nation populated with "virtuous and moral folks".  We must demonstrate this "virtuous and moral" quality in lifestyle and in the way we interact with others (the Golden Rule, in brief).  


Folks who communicate on this, and I hope many other, "Conservative" forums (usually) represent "virtuous and moral folks" in our society.  The trick, is spreading this through our nation by reinforcing its precepts.  One way to do this is to participate in positive community activities.  


I am the very last person on earth to "preach" to anyone about joining a religious organization, as I quit the church after Vietnam, never looking back, until a month ago when it became obvious to me the only way to reinforce Natural Law is with positive community actions and returning moral and virtuous persons to Washington, DeCeit.


Currently, (I hope?) we've taken, as a nation, step 1; i.e., moral and virtuous people becoming active in the governing process - - - -  Tea Party, 9/12 and other Constitutional Conservative individuals.


Step 2 was accomplished last November, when we sent a good "first" set of "moral and virtuous" elected folks to our government.  There would seem to be several thousand steps, but the journey has begun with Tea Party, 9/12 and other Constitutional Conservative folks.


If we continue to repeat this process and do "good works" (live the Golden Rule) in our communities we have a "fighting chance" to keep this nation free by diluting and winning over the radical minority of Islamic believers and reinforcing the majority of Islamic folks - - not changing their religion but changing their overt actions and radical beliefs.



I want to go on record as being with you 110% on your evaluation Marine. While the Church, as a building, does serve as a place for community outreach and meeting place, I believe everybody is a Church unto themselves. I am a living testament to the grace of God, and it is not possible to be a more zealous believer of Christ, The Holy Spirit et al. The Leaders of Churches are Human and corruptable as any politician, and have used the Church throughout history to promote themselves and their personal perspectives, often leading men to war. It probably won't make you feel much better knowing Jesse "the mind" Ventura took hell for standing as we do, as Governnor of Minn. For many sheeple, they need a steeple.  'nuff said.


Although OM doesn't need my help and I know he will likely respond, I think you are misunderstanding him a bit. The way I took OM's comments was that he was trying to enlighten me to the challenges of this issue. As tea partiers, 912ers, conservatives, or whatever we choose to call ourselves; we are attacked and labeled as racists, islamophobes, and even facists. When one feels that the walls are closing in, like this issue does, we get emotional. I take it as OM was challenging me, and the rest of us to not be a mob. We all believe in the Constitution and its principles. Remember when GW Bush said that he had to forsake capitalism to save it when he started the bailouts? We can't abandon the Constitution to save it. I don't think OM is doing anything wrong by reminding me of that.


I've been contacting county board officials, candidates, and the leader of my local tea party as well as local residents. We are trying to find out what we can do. Others have suggested to me what OM did by making up a flier that has the information I've presented. Things are in the works.



OM is on target.  What "we" can do is become more active in our local communities, state government and continually let the federal government know when they "step away from our Constitution" we will replace them at the next election.


What you're doing is exactly what we all should be doing, in spades (I hope the PC Police won't misinterpret my use of the card :D).  The only thing federal folks understand is cold hard cash, preferably under the table, AND massive numbers of voters who become aware of the perversions they perpetrate on our nation.


We need to constantly display solidarity against the progressive/socialist bent they're perpetrating on this nation by being active in our local Tea Party, 9/12 and other Constitutionally Conservative groups.


We sent a good group of, mostly Constitutional Conservatives, to Washington this time around and we need to keep them apprised of their responsibility to the voters.  They, and the previously elected, need to know we are watching their "performances" and we will vote in every election!


It seems to me the msm/lsm and the "appointed ones" have taken the lead over the "elected ones", as the "elected ones" know we will remove them from office at the next election.  They only vote and otherwise keep quiet, in preparation for 2012.


The "appointed ones" (under the direction of the "elected ones") recently redefined the job market in order to publish an erroneous decline in unemployment, Janet Incompetano recently stated our Southern border has never been safer and, almost surely, come Monday morning, another "appointed one" will make additional irrational and unfounded statements, while the "elected ones" of the Left move further back in their "caves".


The Left's practice of "functional propaganda" is becoming more and more pervasive.

 Every major religion eventually turns to an avarice driven leader. With all due respect to decent Catholics, the Vatican has been as guilty as any body of religion in history.  Only God himself knows where the world would be if not for Calvin and Luther. To be fair and balanced, ask any Catholic in Belfast, N. Ireland, pre 1986, if the ArchBishop of Canterbury showed any tolerance. Religious leaders have to be watched as keenly as any politician - they are politicians, and nothing is as dangerous as blind faith. However, Sharia Law zealots represent the only sect ever, who use their written word to promote the total domination of mankind. Their practice is so far beyond intolerant, it is not measurable by earthly standards. Our Constitution, though written by Christians, is based more on Natural Law, which is common sense religious values shared by all major religions, save Sharia Islam.
When immigrants come to America they are expected to assimilate, not bring their country with them and start an enclave of their own. If they won't do that they should not be allowed  to be in America. Let them return to their own country. If we continue allowing this behavior America will end up in an internal war. They have done this in Germany and Germany is just now realizing the danger. America is suppose to be a melting pot. The strength of this nation came from immigrants wanting to become loyal Americans. Muslins will not assimilate when they are allowed to plop their own country down  on American soil. I say we hound our government like the hound of the Baskervilles until they are forced to end this practice.


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