So . . .GA6 and SC5 remain repub. 

Okay. So what!  In the last 7yrs the dems have lost well over a thousand seats across the board and now the GOP has control of BOTH the Senate and the HoR -- and now the WH. Yet, are we even close to REAL Obamacare repeal; or tax reform?  No.  Are we closer to REAL spending cuts or a Balanced Budget?  Nuh-uh. How about the runaway costs of SocSec; any closer to any reform there?  HAH!

So, excuse me for not popping the bubbly over the GA or SC "wins".  I grade on actual legislative RESULTS - not merely on intentions.  We get enough of that w/ the bullsh*t COMMON CORE education system.

That's my not-so-humble opinion!

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I'm not quite so sure Trump was pissed after the election. His reaction after the election could have been a show for the audience.

Right before the end of the election Congress was working on Obamacare and his new signature tax plan and might have made a deal with McConnell to support his candidate in Alabama in exchange for efforts to get something passed by the Senate.

I'm surprised the Democrats aren't using the Nepotism law to oust Kushner but then again I know the lefties enjoy the fact Kushner and his father in-law is also a target in Muellers investigation.

About the "all-so-good" tax reform plan. Even goes thru w/ a 20%  corporate rate, it will do NOTHING to end Obamacare; cut spending, lower the Debt Ceiling, reform Soc Sec. Nor will it ever balance the budget. 

So, what if GDP does rise to 3% again. Will DC start paying down the Debt? Hell no! It simply means the govt would have more to OVERSPEND on illegals and the "refugees" and further expanding SocSec and every other social (welfare) program.

And the very next time the dems have full control of Congress and the WH again...and they will snoo will be the equivalenet of putting a bullet thru Lady Liberty's head.  And it'll happen w/ the blessing of the Republican Party.

ps: I wonder who Donald Trump will name to replace the next liberal justice at the Supreme Court.  Many may have forgotten about this.  I haven't.

I was listening to the EIB when Rush admitted that, to hear Trump "suggest" that NBC News' license should be looked at (get pulled, perhaps?), made the talkradio powerhouse "nervous". And I can't blame him at all.

I didn't like it one bit when former prez Obama and his far left allies at the FCC, like Mark Lloyd, admire how the late Venezuelan communist dictator, Hugo Chavez, completely seized the nation's media outlets. Here the leftist radicals call it "Net Neutrality". I categorically disagreed w/ it then - and I still do NOW!

Just because it's someone on "our" side wanting to control the media/press does NOT make it acceptable at all!

And to those hardcore Trumpbots that blindly agree w/ everything he says and does I say: Your behavior is no different than all the Obama fanatics. Watch what YOU wish for. We ALL might get it!

ps: As for the NFL: NO MORE taxayer subsidies from either the federal, state or local levels. Since the owners have BILLIONS in revenue to pay their players tens of MILLIONS of dollars annually even to third rate players like Kaepernick - they can dish out the $$$$ to build their own damned stadiums!  Period!


The Obamcare "cost sharing subsidies" is as FAKE as the entire "Affordable" Care Act itself. And ALL of DC knows it!

I give President Trump high marks for his Ex-O that kills it. But, it is just that - an Ex-O. Which can be undone by the next potus; or even Trump himself should he decide to backtrack. I wonder how many democrat Ex-Os have been undone by any GOP potus all together? 

Since the unanymous and exclusive passage of the totally disastrous ACA bill I had pointed out that the sure way to kill the ACA was/is to stop it at its lifeblood: the MONEY!

The ACA is already flatlining because the targetted "forced-consumers" of the ACA...the young millennials...are NOT and have NOT come on board - despite the indiviudal mandate. 

Also, the one real reason that insurance carriers got on board in the first place was because of the so called "cost-sharing subsidies". A very pretty term for government BAILOUTS! N different than the QEs the Fed has pumped into Wall Street. Which explains its soaring "21,000" under  BOzo altuohgh our GDP had never even reached 3% in the last 9yrs!

AND, since the heart of the ACA relies on the 15,000 pages of regulations filled in by the secy of HHS...only AFTER the "law" was passed...President Trump's Ex-O was the absolute LAWFUL thing to do - as only the HoR has the Constitutional  POWER to approriate any monies collected from the TAXPAYERS!  I seriously doubt that Kasich, Romney or the DC/GOP poster child Jeb Bush would heve made such a move!

And, w/ that, I can't help but BELIEVE that the GOP majority in the House and Senate would want to pass legislation that would make those insurance BAILOUTS the law-of-the-land.

Have the GOP/DC machine learned anything w/ the results in Alabama?  Imo, their every action since Trump's Inauguration...NINE shows otherwise. I call it like I see it.


Deep Knee Bends

It dawned on me that Colon Kaepernick was not the first to "take-a-knee" to show his hatred of America.

Immediately after Obama took Office, and had Eric Holder appointed as his USAG, the Blabk Panther investigation was killed-in-action. That was Deep Knee Bend (DKB) #1.

During that same time period Obama took his victory lap by taking the "Apology Tour"across the MidEast. Stopping first in Egypt where he accused and condemned The United States of barbarism and atrocities against Islamist nations. DKB #2.

From there Obama went to Saudi Arabia where he bowed for the King. Obama ddid not visit the sovereign nation of Israel - our true genuine ally in the region.  DKB #3. 

Then there's how Obama wrongly accused the Cambridge Police of "acting stupidly" (KDB #4); and calling the Ft hood Massacre by a Islamist "Work Place Violence" (KDB #5)...Now lets move forward to Fast & Furious and Benghazi - where the entire Obama admn along w/ the media blamed the atrocity on a "video". After every attack by Islamists Barack Hussein Obama nade it point to denigrate christians at every turn  KDB to the max. 

Deserter and converted Islamist Beau Bergdahl had decided to plea Guilty for his crime where 6 fellow soldiers were killed by the Taliban. Their reward for having gone looking for him; to keep him out of harm's way. Obama then rewarded the Islamists by releasing 5 of the top level terrorists from Gitmo in return. That was a Knee on the necks of the six fallen soldiers and their families. And that's what the media, ESPN and the NFL and the individual team owners continuously allow to happen w/ every false-reporting and every time the National Anthem is played before a sporting event.

As for Obama's friend, Beau Bergdahl: Because of his plea he won't get the death penalty. But I could only hope he receives the same treatment that Jeffrey Dahmer got.



People have a very short memory. Yes, we had knee bends for a long time, the worst one is probably the one in Egypt.

Hello, Robert.

There's no "worse" event, imo. They're all equally disgusting.

NFL Might Have Caved on a Lot More than Just the Anthem Protests

my 2¢ = they're all missing the primary point. Doing good for their communities is fine, even good BUT aiming at legislation to do it (political activism) IS NOT!! Do it on your own time, on your own dime, in person as an individual. Another point they're all missing/avoiding is that their right to exercise free speech as a political activist is not under any more oppression than anybody else's if they can't protest the anthem on the playing field. EVERY job most of us has ever had disallows such behavior while on the job/representing the company.

I think the above article is spot on too, even though it doesn't address either of those points.

Hi, Larry

I don't think the NFL is "missing" anything.  They chose this road the way ESPN, CNN, and the alphabet networks have.  The question now is: Will the NFL continue to sacrifice ratings/$$$$ for a political agenda as the press and the networks have?  Would the players' union go as far as going on strike should the team owners decide to set rules as it is their RIGHT to do so?  Are the players willing to sacrifice their $$$ to take this ridiculous stand - which NONE of them are able define?!  Anything's possibe these days.

Boycott the games to start with...............

Sports is entertainment and a favorite passtime for many Americans just like everything else that comes out of left wing Hollyweird.

Boycott all trash..............

Btw, I almost forgot. About goov't legislation. We are at the cusp of totalitarianism right now. We have a FAISA court, Dodd/Frank, the NDAA and The Patriot Act  And, thanks to Justice Roberts, the gov't has FORCED the Citizenry to buy a product.

So, what's the next step?  Gov't control of radio, tv, and the internet under that bllsht guise of "fairnes" and "neutrality". It's nomicg, my friend.

On a dfiferent topic: Tax Reform.  Yet another bllsht-guise. HOW can there be such reforms when neither SocSec nor Medicare (approx $200T in unfunded) liabilitie) is ever s  addressed; and senior citizens does NOT want it touched!?

How could our economy ever become stabilized, or our very corrency for that matter, when the Debt and our Deficit continues soaring towards Pluto?!

Meanwhile, the taxpayers continue to have to dish $Bs to hostile nations, to green energy companies owned by demarat super-donors,  and to illegals and refugees as well.

The r&b group The Temptations described planet Earth as a "Ball Of Confusion". Imo, we're way beyond that.  It is now a ball of illusions.

GW Chimes In

I heard the whole speech. I had no problem w/ it. I agree w/ the premise of his message.

Extremeism be it from the far left (communism/socialism), or the far right (fascist-nationalism) - it all leads to totalitariansm (tyranny).

There is yet another road to tyranny. The wide, "all inclusive", borderless one known as progressivism (aka globalism under the guise of the UN / EU's "climate change" treaty).  And the two George Bushes were/are very big on bowing to the world court - even when it involved strictly AMERICAN issues. 

I gotta ask: WHY didn't we hear a peep from #43 during BOzo's 8 yrs?

> Obama KILLED the Black Panther case of 2008.

> Obama's Apology / Bend Over Tour of 2009

> Fast & Furious

>Obama called the Ft Hood massacre by an Islamist "Work Place Violence"

> The IRS targetting of conservative groups and individuals

> S&P lowering the US credit rating for the very first time

> The Arab Spring:  The fall of Tunisia's, Egypt's, and, Libya's stability and the rise of ISIS

> Then President Obama assuring Russian leader Putin that he'd have the "flexbility" to play-ball w/ Russia - AFTER he wins his 2nd term


Yet NEVER a peep from good ole G43, right?!

Progress equals HYPOCRISY.



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