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A Navy SEAL explains why you should end a shower with cold water
[Business Insider UK]
Eames Yates
Business Insider UK16 March 2017


John Hagee Ministries 2015: 'Forgive Us The Pardon from God' Part 2 with John Hagee pastor

(Start video around 2:40 to avoid advertisement)





Of enemies

General references
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Instances of:

Esau forgives Jacob
Genesis 33:4; Genesis 33:11

Joseph forgives his brethren
Genesis 45:5-15; Genesis 50:19-21

Moses forgives the Israelites
Numbers 12:1-13

David forgives Saul
1 Samuel 24:10-12; 1 Samuel 26:9; 1 Samuel 26:23; 2 Samuel 1:14-17

David forgives Shimei
2 Samuel 16:9-13; 2 Samuel 19:23; 1 Kings 2:8-9

Solomon forgives Adonijah
1 Kings 1:53

The prophet of Judah forgives Jeroboam
1 Kings 13:3-6

Jesus forgives His enemies
Luke 23:34

Of sins
Sin, Forgiveness of


Hey folks.  Just so you're aware, I embedded a photo with link in the right column (above the Activity Feed) to take people to the Steam Room.  With that done, I'll be taking down the Steam Room link at the top of the Discussions page.

Please let me know if anyone experiences any problem.  Just trying to create a little more space where I can.  Thanks! 


FINALLY the Senate hearings to nominate the honorable Neil Gorsuch begins today. Lets call it what it will actually be: The Liberal Inquisition. Fortunately, all 52 GOP members are on board.

Then there's the Democrat minority leader, Chuck Schumer and his band of radical activists. They are like omnkeys throwing their doodoo at everyone in site.

Elena Kagan (56): Was appointed on May 10, 2010. When she was the US Solicitor eGeneral, she served as the head of an office responsible for formulating the Obama administration's legal defense of its domestic agenda priority — Obamacare. ( http://www.nationalreview.com/bench-memos/291832/kagan-must-recuse-... ) Did Kagan recuse herself, as well she should have? No. She didn't. Did the Republicans raise any protest whatsoever? No. They didn't.

Sonia Sotomayor (62): Was the first of Obama's two nominees who was appointed in August of 2009. While at Berkeley, Sotomayor, who is of Puerto Rican background, was an active member (6 yrs) of the radically vicious anti-American / pro-communist group called La Raza.

The La Raza membership is a fiery compliment to the now infamous Berkeley speech in which Sotomayor said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” ( http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2009/05/supreme-court-nominee-la-... )

During those Senate hearings, the GOP members simply sang her praises. As they did Eric Holder's. Fact is ALL of Obama's nominees went through w/ the blessings of Rs.

Imo, the true test of fortitude and principle will be reflected w/ Trump's nominee that will replace the two remaining old liberal activists: Ginsberg and Breyer. THAT's where we'll see who will unzip their fly and stand their ground. It's just a matter of WHEN.



Before it was uncovered, this would be the age group that would be hit w/ HIGHER costs under the Ryan plan. And Trump was totally behind it. 

Going back to 2012, I had said several times that the one good thing about the Rs having a majority in DC is that there'd be NO "We-gotta-pass-it-to-know-what's-in-it".  The Democrat Party media...not to mention the genuine Consttutional-conservatives...would see to it that it's ALL out there for all to see.  As usual, the DC machine has been politics-as-usual - as predicted.

DT needs the Gorsuch appointment to gain some points; and start a momentum. Imo, his post-election campaign speech only served  to energize his already blindly-faithful base. Unfortunately, the President has the bad habit of undermining whatever steps he does achieve w/ his shoot-from-the-hip tweets. I noticed he didn't mention the "wire tap" thing in Kentucky. Is he shifting away from that tweet? I really don't know. 

Trump needs to move forward - and allow his achievements...and their results...speak for themselves. 

Also, at some local townhalls the number of R voters have been numbered by as much as 5 to 1 at some precincts by the radically violent left.  If the health care debacle isn't STOPPED AS PROMISED - the Ds could gain seats back significantly again in 2018.   jmho

"We-gotta-pass-it-to-know-what's-in-it" . . . this is primarily the cause of the rush to replace . . . I, or one, and there probably are millions of others, would like to see a finished product that works, but could take a year or more to get right.

One major problem is that some states are down to one insurance company and some counties "realistically" have no insurance companies . . . not to mention that obambacare is, and has been for seven years, IMPLODING and driving our economy into the dirt while it further bankrupts us.

My guess is the number of "D" agitators at Town Halls, if they were honest, are probably on the Soros/obmaba payroll and most civilized folks, predominantly the "R's" don't want to put up with the nastiness of those paid agitators.



obamba's "organizations" meet the textbook definition of SEDITION.

"I...would like to see a finished product that works (1), but could take a year or more to get right. (2)"

1. Not a single gov't social program has ever been effecient. Nor have they provided more Freedom of choices. They've served to only expand gov't reach, restrictions and control over the people as well as the sovereign states. These programs are used for political leverage.  The winners being the Left's agenda as well as the politicians...yes, including the "right"...that kowtow to it. There are literally MILLONS to be made just for being IN office - along w/ their HEFTY lifetime pensions just for serving a short time and excellent (NON ACA) health care plans  Lets not forget their Stay-Out-Of-Jail-Free card where INSIDER TRADING is concerned.

DC is one sweet gig. And the TAXPAYERS just ask for more and more govt-run schemes.   Geeez.

Lessons NEVER learned.

ps:  Oops!  I almost forgot!

#2:  The GOPers had since 2009 to come up w/ whatever "workable" contingency (ACA replacement) plan!  



Socialism...utopia...is a MYTH!

Rich, I lost patience with their lame excuses many years ago.  They march out excuses in order to get the citizens to accept whatever the lobbyists have approved that they should pass. And, yes, they use the delays as a way to shut down opposition to whatever it is they want passed.  They made it into a fine art. They tell us to wait or that there will be additional work done later. 

Sorry.  Been there and done that far too many times.

I believe they will pass this thing due to the Elite Republicans in the House & the Senate.  I few people will be greatly helped. The rest that they should have helped, probably the working class and retired people, will fall by the wayside. 

Norma I agree with you on who's going to lose but the stock market (today) seems to think it will fail Thursday and tax reform, repatriation and infrastructure is going to have to wait longer.  We shall see


Wall Street is even MORE corrupt than DC is.   They pull the strings in DC. And their ups and downs are manipulated by The Fed. 

It's ALL a house of smoke and mirrors.


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