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Delicious irony: Liberal writers may strike over Obamacare insuranc... - 4/19/17 April 19, 2017"Schadenfreude's a bitch, ain't it?" More

Feminism FeministMatt P./Flickr


CN Jacob Airey
April 19, 2017

Left-wing Feminists try to convince us that they are strong women who can do their best, run with the boys, and do not need a fainting couch.

However, that turns out not to be true in this case.

Katherine Barnes, Hamilton College’s Class of 2020 representative to her student body, resigned and ran home back to her parent’s basement because some of her colleagues were white males and possibly, straight.

The Daily Caller reports,

“During last week’s meeting, many student representatives countered my argument that ‘the vast majority of members are white, straight, cis, upper-class men,’ by stating that 11 out of the 30 members are white men,” said Barnes. “While my assumption that these white men are also straight, cis, and upper class may be wrong, many people on campus perceive that Student Assembly is controlled by white males.”

“This is because the majority of the conversation in Student Assembly meetings is dominated by those 11 people.”

She does know that 11 is less than half of 30. The straight, white males are actually underrepresented in the student government as Hamilton College is 71 percent white. She must have skipped her Basic Math class.

When the rest of the reps did not agree with her, she then turned to what every Leftist does, identity politics. 

Barnes claims that other white students have rejected her after finding out that she was poor. She also alleges that the Hamilton Student Assembly has diversity when compared with the proportion of students on campus, but insists that this diversity only exists on the surface.

“When white men make up more than a third of all conversations, they override the voices of other representatives by infringing on their space to speak,” explained the former class representative. “This creates a hostile environment. Moreover, not only do white men fill conversational space with their predominant voices, but they also take up physical space in the way they sit and how they rudely shut others down.”

She obviously does not know what a “hostile environment” is. It is worth mentioning how she uses the old Third Wave Feminist wacky talking point about “man-spreading” and “man-splaining.”

Meanwhile, she is “femi-splaining” the men who she admits she has not gotten to know well enough to know if they agree with her. She think that they rejected her ideas because she is “poor.” Maybe it is because she is a whiny, special snowflake who has to be validated even when she throws Childish, Leftist hissy fits.

San Francisco Minimum Wage Hike Is Ruining The Restaurant Business

Fight for 15 is ruining it.

CN Jacob Airey
April 19, 2017

The “Fight For 15” movement won out in San Francisco, California. The city’s is going to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Now San Francisco is reeling from the effects of this decision. Restaurants have been closing and fewer are opening because they cannot afford the wages.

The Washington Examiner reports,

San Francisco's higher minimum wage is causing an increasing number of restaurants to go out of business even before it is fully phased in, a new study by the Harvard Business School found.

The closings were concentrated among struggling, lower-rated restaurants. The higher minimum also caused fewer new restaurants to open, it found.

"We provide suggestive evidence that higher minimum wage increases overall exit rates among restaurants, where a $1 increase in the minimum wage leads to approximately a 4 to 10 percent increase in the likelihood of exit," report Dara Lee and Michael Luca, authors of "Survival of the Fittest: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Firm Exit." The study used as a case study San Francisco, which has an estimated 6,000 restaurants in the Bay Area and is ratcheting up its minimum wage. Restaurants are one of the largest employers of minimum wage workers.

At the moment, it has not reached the $15 threshold, but the effects are being felt early.

The city's minimum wage is currently $13 an hour, compared with California's rate of $10.50 and the federal rate of $7.25. The city's rate is set to increase to $14 in July and again to $15 next year. That rate, unlike federal law, does not include an exception for tipped employees. The rest of the Golden State will see the minimum rate rise to $15 in 2022. States are free to set rates higher than the federal level, and cities can do the same regarding state minimums.

After all the unions and Left-wing supporters protested and marched for this increase, it is now hurting the very workers they claim to support.

GOP Navy Seal May Run Against Elizabeth Warren

Mark Levin: FBI used dossier allegations to bolster Trump-Russia investigation (April 18 2017)

BREAKING: Leaked Documents Show Who Sabotaged O'Reilly

  • Source: TheBlaze
  • by: Tré Goins-Phillips
An email obtained by conservative radio host Glenn Beck suggests that progressive media watchdog group Media Matters orchestrated the advertiser exodus from embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s program.

“For years,” the email begins, “Bill O’Reilly has been one of the worst purveyors of misinformation on Fox News. A serial misinformer, pushing many of the most extreme, sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic conservative theories on TV.”

The correspondence was written by Mary Pat Bonner, president of the Bonner Group.  According to the New York Times, Bonner served as a “donor adviser” to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
 Source: TheBlaze

Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/breaking-leaked-documents-sh...

I stopped watching Fox News, and osting on Fox Nation, as of yesterday.  Fortunately, my cable tv news lineup includes NewsMax TV and The Blaze TV as well.

1. ABC, CBS Harping on Ossoff’s Non-Win, ‘First Scare at Ballot Box...


After spending the morning playing up the non-win of Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, ABC and CBS continued to play their game of spin-the-story Wednesday evening. “The President put all of his support behind Republicans in yesterday's congressional special election in Georgia, but it turned out that Democrat Jon Ossoff was the top vote-getter,” Anchor Scott Pelley announced on CBS Evening News, “Still, he fell just 2 points short of the 50% needed to avoid a run-off.”

2. MSNBC: Dem Got ‘Extremely Close’ With ‘Symbolic’ ‘Victory’


MSNBC on Wednesday touted the “extremely close” “symbolic” “victory” for Democrats in Georgia’s special election, seeing the failure to win as a “sign of hope.” MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle also chastised Trump, saying, “President Trump weighing in, going in on a new tweet, really a tirade against the Democrat.” 

3. GMA Hails ‘Emotional Victory’ for Democrat Who Didn't Win Specia...


Despite falling short of the 50% of votes needed to win, ABC's Good Morning America crowned Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff as the victor of Tuesday night’s special election in Georgia. Correspondent Cecilia Vega and anchor George Stephanopoulos gushed over the “rookie” who came “just short” of “winning the whole thing.” GMA used the race’s closeness as a reason to bash Trump while political analyst John Avlon spun that Democrats had “an emotional victory.”

4. Dem Falls Short in Georgia, But NBC Sees ‘Ominous Sign’ for GOP


Despite acknowledging that the media’s chosen candidate in Georgia’s special congressional election on Tuesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff, had fallen short of the 50% threshold necessary to avoid a runoff, on Wednesday, NBC’s Today touted the failed liberal effort as a near win that would send an “ominous sign” to Republicans.

5. Spicer Slams Media: Dems Didn’t ‘Almost Win’ in Georgia, ‘They L...


During Wednesday’s White House briefing, NBC reporter Hallie Jackson asked if President Trump was “expending too much political capital on a race that Republicans should be winning easily,” referring to Georgia’s special congressional election. In response, Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasted the absurd liberal media narrative that it was a “symbolic” or “emotional” victory for Democrats despite their candidate falling short.

6. Bitter Much? ABC’s Karl, CNN’s Zeleny Complain Spicer Didn’t Cal...


Following Wednesday’s White House press briefing, White House correspondents from ABC and CNN expressed their pathetic bitterness and sense of entitlement, whining the press secretary Sean Spicer didn’t call on them or some of their friends in the liberal media. 

‘Knives Are Out!’ Hillary In Full Panic After New Book Is Released, Campaign On the Hunt to Find the Leaker…

Despite all her efforts to hide her communications, so much so that she employed a private email server, Hillary Clinton just can’t stop the leaks.

Hillary Clinton must be spitting bullets now with the release of the new book that has depicted her campaign as an inept operation.

And now the word is out that she is trying to find the person behind the leaks in the book.

The knives are out in Hillary Clinton’s camp about who leaked embarrassing information to the authors of a bombshell new book about her “doomed presidential campaign.”

There is a witch hunt under way among Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers after the release of the autopsy book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

According to Dennis Cheng the finance director of her campaign, the leaks “could only have come from someone in the inner circle.”


Anti-Trumper Falls Short

image: https://aanews-structure-psyclone.netdna-ssl.com/client_assets/aane...

Anti-Trumper Falls Short
Democrat Jon Ossoff came within a relative whisker of capturing the 6th District special election contest last night against 17 other candidates.  In an election night that featured a laboriously slow count from Fulton County, which experienced technical problems throughout the day, Ossoff tallied 48.1% of the vote, just two points away from winning the seat.
Turnout was unusually high for a special election, and the 6th will likely have the highest participation factor of the five special congressional contests occurring throughout the early summer.  With the vote totals still a bit sketchy because of the Fulton County problems, and final tallies potentially changing, it appears that just over 192,000 voters will have cast ballots.  Compare this to the 28,731 who voted in the California special congressional election on April 4th, and the 120,897 participants in the Kansas special held last week.  In the regular 2016 general election, 326,005 individuals voted in the congressional election.
Karen Handel, the Republican former Secretary of State placed a solid second and advances to the June 20thrun-off election with Ossoff.  Her percentage of just about 20% almost doubled the vote of the third place finisher, businessman and local city councilman Bob Gray.
Most of the polls released before the special jungle primary appeared flawed because they were not listing all of the candidates.  Thus, there was some potential that the surveys over-stated Ossoff’s strength, but such was not the case.  They also consistently showed the four competitive Republicans are closely bunched together in low double-digits, but Handel distinctly out-performed most of those estimates.  
The Opinion Savvy organization, which twice surveyed the district and returned very similar numbers in both polls, virtually nailed the final result.  They were the only pollster that tested all candidates, and correctly gauged the four viable Republicans.  Each time they found Handel holding a discernible second place edge while the other survey firms saw a virtual toss-up among the four GOP contenders vying for advancement.
While only former state Sen. Dan Moody (R) was able to bring over $2 million to his campaign, the others, including Ms. Handel, did not raise impressive sums and they were in the paltry range when compared to Ossoff’s campaign that obtained approximately $9 million.  The Democratic effort featured huge small donor numbers coming from all over the country.
Though the Republican candidates did not set the fundraising world on fire – Handel, for example, was only in the $500,000 range -- their outside organizations such as the Congressional Leadership Fund (loosely affiliated with Speaker Paul Ryan), the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Ending Spending Super PAC, and the Club for Growth combined to spend almost $8 million, the vast majority in trying to create a negative image of candidate Ossoff.  Their spending was likely the principle reason that Ossoff was held under the 50% mark.
This race, which has already attracted great national attention, will intensify to a greater degree over the next two months.  Mr. Ossoff proved a bit stronger candidate than even projections indicated, while Ms. Handel’s track record since she left the Secretary of State’s office has not been particularly impressive.  
While placing first in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary, she lost the run-off to then-US Rep. Nathan Deal, who would then go onto win the general election.  In 2014, she entered the US Senate race, but failed to qualify for the run-off, losing to both David Perdue, the eventual winner, and then-Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Savannah).  She now attracts only 20% in what should be a reliably Republican district, trailing the Democrat by over 54,000 votes when the final tallies are eventually posted.
Still, the combined Republican vote totaled 51.0% of those voting last night, versus 48.8% combined for the Democratic candidates.  The two Independents accounted for the rest.  Pre-election surveys showed Ossoff with a slight lead over Handel when the two were isolated.  
It now becomes clear that the June 20th run-off will focus on voter turnout.  The Ossoff operation took full advantage of early voting, where he dominated the vote totals, which almost propelled him to outright victory. The Republican turnout machine will have to operate on all cylinders in order to rebound here in June.
 Source: American Action News

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/anti-trumper-falls-short#zmIx1Bq...
Camille Paglia: Trump Already Headed Towards
Reelection, Democrats Have Overplayed Their Hand
Real Clear Politics, by Tim Hains    Original Article
Posted By: Toledo- 4/20/2017 8:57:13 AM     Post Reply
New York Times columnist Frank Bruni moderates a ´Times Talks´ discussion between legendary feminist Camille Paglia and ´Watch What Happens Live´ host Andy Cohen about life in the Trump era. Paglia says Bruni´s newspaper and the Democratic Party still have "soul searching" left to do about why they called 2016 wrong. "It is incumbent upon the defeated party to pull itself together, or else we´re going to get the reelection of the present administration," she said. "I didn´t take him seriously at all," she said about the early days of the Trump campaign. "And then, shortly after the very first Republican debate,
Grassley: Another Supreme
Court vacancy likely this summer
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Jordain Carney    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 4/20/2017 8:24:44 AM     Post Reply
Sen. Chuck Grassley is predicting that President Trump will get to nominate a second justice to the Supreme Court as early as this summer. The Iowa Republican, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said there is a "rumored" upcoming retirement but declined to say which justice he expects to step down. "I would expect a resignation this summer," Grassley said during a Q&A with the Muscatine Journal in Iowa. Grassley added that the president´s next Supreme Court nominee would likely come off the list of roughly two dozen names Trump announced before taking over the White House.


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