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Thanks for sharing Suzie. Beautiful rendition.

Took me back to my growing up days. Plenty of opportunities for solitude. Many many years later I went on a backpack trip in the Sierra's we hiked up a 11,000 ft pass and all of us were taking a good rest at the summit. I suddenly was disturbed and it took me awhile to figure out why, the silence was deafening and I had not experienced for such a long time. One then is left with ones own thoughts and to enjoy the beauty one is surrounded by.

Patricia I kno what you mean...in the late 40's my father moved us to W.Va...we lived in a shack in the boon docks....at dusk the whiporwills  started "whippoorwill whippoorwill" it could be an eerie sound I suppose if you were old or unhappy but I was neither...actually it was a very good time in my life- no TV, but NO crime to speak of either - obviously you don't miss what you never had.....it was an innocent time after the war ..........

Donna, Thank you for commenting. As you probably know I am a daughter of W.Va. I also spent some time living with my grandparents in a Coal Camp in Pike County KY.

Yes it was a quite time for me in both W.Va and KY. A free time that I will cherish to my passing. A time be it in a coal camp or up a holler was void of crime and your nearest neighbor would look out for your welfare.

My fondest memory was in KY I would sit on my Paw Paw's lap and listen to the Lone Ranger on the radio. He bought me a little horse toy and I would be holding the toy. Good memories.

Oh we have lost so much that future generations will never experience.

My great nephews and nieces have missed what we have known.

I'm trying to figure out what is meant or what to expect by the "tick-tock"?

hhmmm me too...tick tock what?

Oh duh me!!! I finally clicked the link and it is /was about Flynn... this was posted on Monday- I forgot we lost a couple days posting!!LOL!!!

This is an all new format.............  no more mickey-mouse activity needed...........    HOORAY!

Well, it took a couple of days for tomorrow to get here.  Besides President Donald Trump doing what Donald Trump does, the clock is still ticking.  Nothing much I can see has happened except some 'little thing' about moving embassy to Jerusalem.  What's the big deal?

Norma, Thanks for sharing that article link. The writer hit all the high points.

Trump won because he and his campaign staff read the tea leaves across America. By reading the tea leaves they understood the voter. HC's team, arrogant and misguided simply thought in their biased world "how could any know or think differently?", A big mistake from the get go.

Yes it will take a decade or more of sustained effort to bring sanity and security back to keep this Republic. If we the people do not remain vigilant efforts will be to naught.

The out of power party has not given up and we must continue to fight them off.

Thanks again for posting the link to the article. The reason HC lost is quite simply not hard to grasp.

There are two reasons why Trump won:

1) Hillary was pushed by the enemedia, the Deep State, Congress, and a base of corrupt electoral fraud supporters, bought Superdelegates.

2) Conservative voters, silent majority, finally decided to do something about electoral fraud, after McCain and Romney elections, and GOP not willing to fight.

Yes Lanyn 2 more reasons why.

I simply believe Hillary lost because, well, she's Hillary.  Why was she even in the race?  I don't get the attraction.  What is it about her that people like.  It seems they actually love her.  I suspect Hillary (and Bill) are being used by people outside of our country.  Hillary and Bill are so deeply into themselves that they can be manipulated easily with a few compliments and lots of attention.  It seems obvious to me that a President Hillary would extirpate the country and the Constitution.  At this time we don't have a political party that would be able to counter her agenda if she were to be the President.  Look at the damage Obama did, and he was 'wet behind the ears'.  Hillary is far better at being bad.  Diabolic is her nature.


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