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Diabolic is sooooo true........I googled bill & hitlery a long time ago.  When bill got into politics he discovered he could get rich and he set out to do just that....the Rose Law Firm, hitlery, greed, corruption, lies, suspicious deaths....what a duo. She would have completely ruined this country.  I cannot understand why so many apparently intelligent people love her.....I watch Hannity and Laura Ingram every night, sure get the real low down from those two...everyone should watch them.

BILLARY may be in the crosshairs of globalists pulling their strings...is this something that happened in the past decades since Bill was president?....  I don't think so.  In Arkansas, his mother was well known in the Hot Springs area, not because she was a "nurse" working at a nursing home (she was accused of causing the death of one of the patients there), but because she was the life of the party for all Little Rock legislators coming to their favorite playground. William Fulbright was the favorite, and the one all throughout the state say is Bill's pop, not the car dealer that lived with his mom. What everyone immediately thought was" HOW did Bubba go from meeting JFK when he was a youngster, to getting a scholarship to Oxford, England? Bubba was a long way from being HS valedictorian yet, he went to Georgetown University, then Oxford....a very expensive education plan, beyond the average Joe Sixpack budget. Afterwards, it was a political career as Attorney General of Arkansas, Governor, and a string of scandals involving cocaine distribution, cocaine use, female students in Fayetteville (U of A), highway patrol murders, Mena Arkansas murders, bank fraud, real estate fraud, Korean contacts, and political mayhem.

awesome! I wish I had a thumbs up button!

There must be a button...

Interesting read on Trump, the Swamp and why the left and the elite got the vote all wrong:


Interesting, indeed.  Thank you.  

Hello Active Members,

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Until Further Notice- Due to legal issues I find I must close the site to general public viewing.  I am sorry for the inconvenience. You will probably have to sign in as your cookies may change.

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Well, can't say I 'understand', but I do trust you will keep us posted.  Legal issues are always a pain in the arss.  

Will do!


Short and well Short...

 I am the recipient of a lawsuit  for Copyright Infringement because a member posted an article from the NY Post and out of 10 photos in this article- 2 photos were copyrighted. Of course all the standard Share buttons are located right next to the article in question. This article is all over the net including Info Wars- so I wrote to Alex Jones... I do not know what else to do...They threaten me to pay $13,500. now or it could become $150,000. in 30 days.... This makes me believe that this was a trap to get small conservative website close their doors- which is exactly what I am going to  have to do...

Beware of re posting articles with photos!

Anyone know any attorneys? Know any other site owners? Know anyone who could help?

I am sorry but I just can't deal with this stuff anymore...


Did we loose or win in the Alabama Senate race?  I am not sure if Roy Moore would have won if that would have been a good thing in the long run.  However, in the long run I believe the Republican party will take out Doug Jones next election.  I also think the democrat win will give them a false sense of accomplishment.  However, (another 'however'), it's going to be difficult with the RINO republican Senators, President Trump is going to have to 'compromise' more than he would like to.  

McConnell hopes Moore’s defeat will go out as a warning to any Senator who thinks of crossing him that he and The Swamp are still in charge. Instead, it just further undermines Republicans’ credibility going into the 2018 elections. A few months from now we will learn about the electoral fraud that propelled Jones to the winners circle....$4million from Soros.... he's now beholden to him..... SHORT-TERM SEAT.... Schumer will play games to stop GOP from passing tax and other bills....nuclear option! KENNETH GLASGOW was recruiting convicted felons to register for Joone in drive-through program (News 5 Investigates: Kenneth Glasgow’s Complicated Connection to Rev. Al Sharpton).


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