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 It’s Illegal Amnesty, no matter what they call it- It's Illegal!

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Backdoor Amnesty – Abusing the Constitution and Presidential Authority

Hans von Spakovsky

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Thursday that it would halt all deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who are attending school, have family in the military or are primarily responsible for other family members’ care, and allow them to apply for work permits.  Apparently, the only illegal aliens that the Obama administration will detain and deport are those who have committed additional serious criminal offenses in the United States – the fact that they committed a crime under federal law by entering the United States illegally (8 U.S.C. § 1325) is apparently of no concern to this administration.

It is no coincidence that the factors that DHS says it will now consider are the very same provisions that were in the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors or DREAM Act that was proposed by Senator Dick Durbin.  This bill failed to pass Congress because of principled opposition from senators like Jeff Sessions, who pointed out that this bill was so filled with loopholes that it would send illegal immigrants the message that the U.S. has “given up on enforcement of our immigration laws.”  The DREAM Act really stood for “Deviously Replacing Enforcement with Amnesty” and that is the policy that has now been implemented by President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

This new policy strikes at a fundamental underpinning of our nation – the rule of law.  It rewards illegality and lawbreakers, encourages even more aliens to enter the United States illegally, and comes at a time when President Obama has started his reelection campaign with such a low approval rating, that it is essential that he get a substantial majority of the Hispanic vote to serve a second term.  It is another shameful instance of putting politics before the law.

Reaction- From the Center for Individual Freedom…

"Lawless" ... that's how Congressman Steven King (R-IA) describes Barack Obama's decision to trash and circumvent the laws that he swore to uphold by dictatorially granting backdoor amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

King specifically stated: "Congress writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces them. For the president to have his subordinates declare and announce they're not going to enforce the law is de facto amnesty. It's essentially a de facto repealing of immigration laws; it's a lawless decision, and I am very offended by it - and we must take action."

And Congressman King is about to do just that... Take Action. King has joined others, including Congressmen Allen West (R-FL) and Candice Miller (R-MI), in calling on Congress to initiate Congressional hearings into Obama's latest attempt to circumvent the law and the Constitution. And it is imperative that we add our voices to King's right here and right now... at this very moment.

It's time for our Republican officials in Congress to finally grow some spines and send Barack Obama a message that they should have sent him long ago. You are NOT above the law, Mr. Obama. And you are NOT the law. The time to send Obama that message is right now.

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Reaction-From Mark Levin…



 Mark Levin wonders – where’s the outrage!

   “The President doesn’t have the power to set a policy of non enforcement that is a statute that is an enforcement statute!”

   “We have a President who usurps congressional authority, who institutes by fiat a complete change in policy, and dealing with what is in fact citizenship in this country – because that’s what we’re talking about, nobody blinks an eye!”


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Comment by John Tripp on September 10, 2011 at 1:59pm

All the proof we need is on record,  at the U.N.,  the GAO study on poverty in America,  the Swedish study of making a common Euro-dollar,  the applying the criteria to our citizens. 


 Every study shows the same results,  our tax dollars sent overseas for human standard of living improvements always somehow end up in the pockets of the dictator du jour.  How many times are we going to fall for the same scam ?  Look at the starving kids in whereverland.  Now look at the tyrants in charge drinking from solid gold goblets.  Where would he get that money - his countrymen are too poor to tax?   Our government's  insincerity both on the domestic and foreign fronts is nauseating.


Here is a conspiracy theory for you all - I say the progressives are importing these impoverished souls because they have already redistributed so much of our wealth to the poor of the past,  that they are now middle class.  They needed to invent another low class to use as tools.

Comment by Susan Nielsen on September 9, 2011 at 9:51pm

I am sick to death of some countries poverty being shoved down my throat. Trust me- Mexican illegals have no intention of becoming citizens- they come here work and send the money home- not even spent here- wise up- people...

Here's the thing, how many years have we been sending "peace corp type" groups to these countries fully funded aid programs (from your pocket) to teach these poor folks how to for instance- grow rice... well  aaahhh... I see absolutely no improvement in these impoverished countries- either A-there is no way they want to learn to grow rice or B-they do not get ANY of the funding or the education we hear about...something is very wrong with this picture

Comment by Joel Williams on September 9, 2011 at 7:12am
What I don't understand is how our legislators, both sides of the isle, can pander to the Hispanic (mostly Mexican) vote and the rest of us allow them to do it.  We need to build the fence, put troops on the border and make illegal immigration a felony.  We could take a lesson from Mississippi and put such harsh penalites in place for employers that employing an illegal results in a large, debilitating fines.  In that way we take away the incentive for them to come in the first place.  The root cause of the problem is that everyone has been afraid to offend the poor illegals and their relatives and the president of Mexico, etc.  Ill,egals are putting a massive drain on our social services and adding to our deficit.  It's time we stepped up and put an end to it.  I cetainly feel no compunction to solve Mexico's social problems and don't feel the least bit guilty for not wanting to do so.
Comment by John Tripp on September 8, 2011 at 9:50am

Why would any illegal person want to become a citizen ?  All the advantages of the 4th, 5th and 14h Amendment are granted them without the possibilty of question,  by direct order from the DHS and Justice.   We as citizens have to prove we have insurance,  while they don't even have to prove they are citizens.  What's wrong with this picture ?


For the sake of saving space - What is right with this picture ?

Comment by Alan Gregory on September 7, 2011 at 3:33pm
Family of active duty soldiers, college students, primary caregivers...attacking Obama on this one is just what his campaign wants: attacks on compassion from the people who brought us F
freed felon Scooter Libby. This sort of heartless nationalism might play in southern house districts, but it's toxic to independent, suburban, middle class voters in a general election. And that electorate is growing browner every day. The tea party and whackjobs like King have taken the bait, I just hope the GOP is smart enough not to.

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