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Welcome to the District News. In an effort to condense information from all 912 or like-minded groups and persons, you could call this the "readers digest" version of the District News. With an emphasis on local action, and State Sovereignty (please see our own 10th Amendment page) At this time in our political and economic forecast, the focus remains at the National Level. We are bombarded daily with one atrocity after another, leaving very little time for us to keep tract of what is going on at home. The goal of this District News Column is to make research at your local level easier, because ultimately what happens in each State will affect us Nationally.

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Comment by Theresa Stone on April 23, 2010 at 1:50pm
Massachusetts 1st Congressional District.. And folks we have one of our own Tea Party Patriots throwing his hat into the ring. I am going to collect signatures for him this weekend. We only have until May 4th. His name is ...Bill Gunn!!! The people are reloaded!!

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