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I cannot remember all the names I have ever used or have been called; however, my given name is Robert Earl Hutchinson.

  "I majored in Hell Raising and graduated into the Dam Draft and the Army".  Quote my Daddy, when I called to let him know where I was and how I got there.  There was a flow of quotable quotes but this is not the time to fully quote him

A few of my Buddies, plowing through a tub of Long Neck Buds, determined we were all in the same boat and came up with a plan.  We knew how to take a test, when sober and were in good shape. We signed up for every military training school we could think of that would take large chunks of time.  The idea was we had been drafted for 2 years, if we were in school long enough, no time to go to The Nam.  We learned after signing up, everything over AIT, cost us time and lots of it. In my case after numerous schools along the way, I was Intel Branch assigned to the Nam.  Wow, I was going to be a "SPOOK".

Then came my "See The World" experience.  It was the Dam Nam.  MACV  (Military Assistance Command Vietnam) .  Bouncing between the Nam, Middle East, Europe, Africa and other assorted sites. Then back to The Nam again.  I was a "World Traveler”. 

Then the Army felt that I needed a "New View” and along the way "encouraged" me to get my BA and an Advanced Certificate.  After the academy, it was being a sworn Federal Agent, another US Army CID SA (Special Agent).  After a few years of working Criminal covert and overt investigations stateside and overseas, I was chosen for the Economic and Major Sensitive Investigations.  This Civilian Status Strike Force directed only by the Commander of the CID, the Sect. of the Army, Sect of Defense, Joint Ops with DOJ, and Local National security Services; we went anywhere the Defense dollar went. Primary mission: Fraud, Waste (a new meaning to the term "Pork") and Criminal Procurement. Throw in homicides, larcenies, treason and I guess that is why we were called "The Black Sheep".  For the last 15 years I only owned one or two at the most, complete uniform. 

Alas, all great times must come to an end and Father Time does march on for all of us.  The "Best" was not over.  The real good, the very bad and the horrid ugly continued.  Upon being placed on inactive duty, it was not the awards or metals, I was most proud.  I had made it all the way without becoming a "Fallen Angel” (No trips to the Agent's Review Board) and was still alive.  I am told that “most” of the Statutes of Limitations have run out and it is time to write as long as I can......Agent Orange from the years in the Nam has come back in the form of Parkinson's Disease & Associated Heart and Lung illness.  I have many lessons to teach like; Don't go "Wheels Up” overseas on PSD trips with the Secret Service etc.


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