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Rich Knoch replied to Norma J. Sears's discussion Trump unveils tax plan that would lower taxes for millions
Sep 28
Rich Knoch commented on luis522's blog post il Papa
"Of the $1.6 Billion we "unknowingly gave" the Vatican they probably kept 10%, or more, for "funneling" the money to their schools and other programs . . . now we know how they keep their Petty Cash box overflowing. The Vatican…"
Sep 26
Rich Knoch replied to Susan Nielsen's discussion John Boehner Will Resign
"My vote, if I could vote, would be for Louie Gomert of Texas.   He's very qualified (10 years in House) and won't take crap from "the fuhrer"."
Sep 25
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Is The LGBT About To Add Pedophilia As Another Orientation
"I did not know the magnitude of this "ripoff".   No wonder he bows to "the fuhrer's" wishes and won't cross him on any issue, even bolstering the Global Warming Fraud which could mean the end of civilization if…"
Sep 25
Rich Knoch commented on luis522's blog post il Papa
"Today should be a stellar address.  He will have the ears of the denizens who populate the "Den of Thieves" (the UN).   Will he address problems created by the "Den of Thieves" or simply reinforce Climate Change and…"
Sep 25
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Is The LGBT About To Add Pedophilia As Another Orientation
"Several military guys have been busted out of the Military for intervening in this Afghan uncivilized activity. I believe its past time for us to pack up, carpet bomb and Warthog the "enemy", then go home and hang out a sign on Lady…"
Sep 24
Rich Knoch commented on Hugh Akston's blog post Hajj to Mecca, Saudi Ben Laden, 911, and an “Act of God”
"Does this happen at your local Protestant Church on Sunday or at an annual Baptist Convention? Uncivilized people do uncivilized things.  Sad, but true. About the only time I know of that something like this has happened is exiting a public…"
Sep 24
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Is The LGBT About To Add Pedophilia As Another Orientation
"A pedophile is a predator, which is a monster and there is only one solution for a monster, other than the terminal one.   They need to spend some time in a jail cell with "Bubba" who will be very glad to host a "visit" from…"
Sep 24
Rich Knoch replied to Norma J. Sears's discussion Here's Congress's Latest Unbelievable Gimmick
"Great recap . . . this is the American "Financial" version of the Chinese (and other ancient civilizations) Ouroboros. The beauty of this "fraud" is the Federal Reserve can print imaginary "Virtual Cash" whenever they…"
Sep 23
Rich Knoch replied to Christine Rae Moylan's discussion Donald Trump for President
"When there is an insurmountable problem, that obama won't even define, the only solution is a new Administration who will take out ISIS completely and with Extreme Prejudice.  This would not be that tough of a challenge, if we had True…"
Sep 11
Rich Knoch replied to Christine Rae Moylan's discussion Donald Trump for President
"MeThinks the Imperial Valley is sinking because obama and his Regime Operatives shut off the water in order to save an endangered species up North and it has had a detrimental affect on all of California, especially the Endangered Species; i.e., the…"
Sep 9
Rich Knoch replied to Christine Rae Moylan's discussion Donald Trump for President
"This is the problem the Republicans have . . . too many well qualified persons for President and VP . . . but this is a good problem as whomever is elected will have the best Cabinet in the history of the USA. I like the Trump-Carson ticket, but…"
Sep 9
Rich Knoch replied to Christine Rae Moylan's discussion Donald Trump for President
"I agree.  Mr. Trump has made Billions of Dollars by listening to the best consultants and negotiators on earth.  He will continue this practice if elected as he knows that is a winning formula. I, personally, would like to see Dr. Carson…"
Sep 9
Rich Knoch replied to Norma J. Sears's discussion Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine
"Shades of WWII and the Kamikaze (manned) Subs that the Japanese used . . . but, now high tech. "The Pentagon is in the process of retiring all of its megaton weapons. The stockpile of 9-megaton B53 bunker-buster bombs were dismantled several…"
Sep 9
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion "DIVERSITY" and "TOLERANCE"...the toxic brew to kill Christianity
"The proof is in the polls . . . Mr. Trump gets stronger as people attack him and Dr. Carson gets stronger as he simply lays out his plans if elected President. This completely befuddles the Left as they were set on the "Coronation of a…"
Sep 9
Rich Knoch replied to Norma J. Sears's discussion Mexico warns Texas not to refuse immigrants babies US birth cert
"That's the best reason to elect a non-Politician who is not bought and owned by "big money". The biggest abusers are Farms, Construction and individual citizens who buy cheap labor to do jobs they don't want to do at home. If…"
Sep 7

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At 12:46pm on August 10, 2015, Denis Byrne said…

Rich: That fony invasion of Iraq was put up job with lies and insinuations...real reason was SH failed attempt to assassinate Bushyjr father...The entire issue of WMD stinks to hell and back..  I do indeed call our last three presidents losers lacking in leadership and executive ability...Obozo did not start the Iraq war and he pulled out according to schedule set by predecessor set by some generals..this year only two US soldiers killed in afghan... I still say that trying to one-up the Ruskys on Afghan was a big mistake...IMO the war on terrorism is a just war...war on ISIS is just..  US citicens do not want massive boots on the ground in the mid-east as the country is war weary and finally realizes that the various tribes will be goin at it in the future as much as in the past...I must totally agree about the sellout of Kurds, our only other ally besides Israel....Kurds are very liberal...they just want their own country, Kurdistan, and the turks or should I say turds, do not like that idea...Regarding private enterprise I say that contractors muct be watched closely and they are not always cost effective....what about those blackwater guys??  Obama did inherit a world mess...which he has not done all that well in correcting....US thanks to bushyjr is generally despised around the globe now.. BO has done nothing to correct that flaw..Russia is rising on the power curve and I believe that to be good... BO's keystone project the ACA remains a great idea which has been poorly implemented...It has not affected nor will it in the future affect my Cadillac plan...but two of my four adult children now have some health insurance they did not have before...they are healthy and are what the ACA wants to offset the costs of the previous uninsurables with pre-existing conditions...  Should have just put everybody on medicare... Peace be With YOu

At 2:03pm on September 4, 2012, linda13 said…

Welcome to Constitutional Conservatives - aka 912 Communique - where principled Patriots exchange valuable communication, in an effort to educate and enlighten the masses of American Citizens who still sleep. Our GOAL is to retain the Freedoms guaranteed man by the Constitutional Law America was founded on. A living document, changed via due process: Amendments not by Executive Orders!

We welcome fellow Patriots with open arms! We need each and every one of you! This is going to be a huge year for us to work as hard as we can. So when you can be sure to invite your friends! I am sure they will enjoy and learn and add to our group!

Please use to invite friends and family to join Constitutional Conservatives community.

Thank you for your time and thank you for joining the team of Constitutional Conservatives - aka 912 Communique.


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