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Rich Knoch commented on Daniel John Sobieski's blog post Whose Mocking The Mike Pence Rule Now?
"Many Democrats still mock him for his upholding of "sanctity of marriage" as so many of them are Godless and only understand immediate gratification . . . . possibly by being raised with a pacifier in their mouth and never being told…"
Dec 1
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Huge CEO Takes Stand – Hits NFL With Seriously Devastating News
"As the famous philosopher, Forrest Gump, said years ago . . . "Stupid is, as stupid does" and NFL management falls directly into this category. Now they are being hit with around a 10 million dollar salary increase, plus very expensive…"
Nov 25
Rich Knoch replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion Are you experiencing problems posting on this site?
"I have a cloud-based server (WIN 2012) which was having a problem with some of my clients logging in the first couple of weeks this month and found there were often several internet "outages or slowdowns" it their areas of the…"
Nov 20
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Donna Brazile Spills the Beans on Hillary’s “Shocking” Secret
"A spectacular spectacle is unfolding before our eyes as Dems, with their abundant spawn of immoral crooks, are starting to roll over on each other.  Its hard to say when the last shoe will drop, but expect the Dems to throw low-level members…"
Nov 3
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion TRUMP TWEETS: Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia
"". . . . . a swarm of flies or dung beetles . . . . ." A brilliant description of the Lame Stream Media whose excrement is consumed daily by Demented-Dems, as they spiral further and further from the reality of planet earth. …"
Nov 2
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion The Mother of All Scandals
"When the clinton-crime-family-and-foundation are uncovered for who they actually are and have been for nearly 4 decades, Watergate will be a forgotten memory as it will look like a True Mole Hill. That is . . . . . if Fair Justice is meted out to…"
Oct 31
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion My ‘Sex Change’ Was a Myth. Why Trying to Change Sex Will Fail
"I agree, BUT . . . . only as long as they pay the bills and society never pays one red cent for their "transformation(s)".  It's akin to jumping out of an aircraft with someone you don't know or trust as having a sound state…"
Sep 3
Rich Knoch replied to Kos's discussion ICE Plans to Destroy Records of Abuse, Sexual Assault And More
"Actually . . . . . obamba and his Regime made this SOP; i.e., obamba's education/etc. records, Fast & Furious, IRS Scandal, Iran "ransom" payoff, Secret Service Cartegena Scandal, Solyndra, VA scandal and deaths, Benghazi and…"
Aug 30
Rich Knoch replied to Kos's discussion Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio
"To my limited knowledge all vehicle stops were for legitimate reasons ranging from drunken driving to not using a seat belt, broken tail light, drinking coffee while driving, crossing the yellow line, etc. If the stop was for an illegitimate reason…"
Aug 26
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Coup Inside White House Started To Remove Trump
"Methinks, the communication gets altered when someone on down the line is speaking into a different lower-located orifice.  Once the message gets to FAKE NEWS Purveyors, they all must communicate through that same orifice?  That, possibly,…"
Aug 25
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Coup Inside White House Started To Remove Trump
"But, don't forget . . . . Mueller's investigation, so far, has found 4 bottles of Russian Salad Dressing in a White House refrigerator, but thankfully, a 1st year law student intern informed him that the Salad Dressing could be purchased…"
Aug 24
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Coup Inside White House Started To Remove Trump
"The Left has recruited pusillanimous FAKE NEWS Purveyors as their hatchet men, with "Satan-on-Earth" (Soros) and his tentacle organizations as their primary funding source, while obamba, ex-President Jarrett and their Evil Coven plot the…"
Aug 24
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Coup Inside White House Started To Remove Trump
"Probably . . . but "kim is ill" got the idea to launch on Guam from Hank Johnson, the idiot."
Aug 24
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Coup Inside White House Started To Remove Trump
"Is Independent journalist Mike Cernovich simply a Misguided Leftist planted in the White House to cause grief? I can't believe that VP Pence would support a coup, but it does sound like something the FAKE NEWS Purveyors would attempt to sell to…"
Aug 21
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion Who are the Antifa?
"Most of the Leaders in Antifa, who are on "Satan on Earth's" payroll are the dregs of Occupy WallStreet who've been in training since Occupy crapped on the last Police Car. Antifa has combined with the dregs of society, Black…"
Aug 20
Rich Knoch replied to LANYON's discussion It Begins - Republicans Start Turning on Paul Ryan
" I agree, wholeheartedly, with Congressman Gohmert . . . he probably got his ears burnt down by actually listening to his constituents over the vacation. America can only hope that other members of Congress have the same "burnt ear problem…"
Aug 20

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At 12:46pm on August 10, 2015, Denis Byrne said…

Rich: That fony invasion of Iraq was put up job with lies and insinuations...real reason was SH failed attempt to assassinate Bushyjr father...The entire issue of WMD stinks to hell and back..  I do indeed call our last three presidents losers lacking in leadership and executive ability...Obozo did not start the Iraq war and he pulled out according to schedule set by predecessor set by some generals..this year only two US soldiers killed in afghan... I still say that trying to one-up the Ruskys on Afghan was a big mistake...IMO the war on terrorism is a just war...war on ISIS is just..  US citicens do not want massive boots on the ground in the mid-east as the country is war weary and finally realizes that the various tribes will be goin at it in the future as much as in the past...I must totally agree about the sellout of Kurds, our only other ally besides Israel....Kurds are very liberal...they just want their own country, Kurdistan, and the turks or should I say turds, do not like that idea...Regarding private enterprise I say that contractors muct be watched closely and they are not always cost effective....what about those blackwater guys??  Obama did inherit a world mess...which he has not done all that well in correcting....US thanks to bushyjr is generally despised around the globe now.. BO has done nothing to correct that flaw..Russia is rising on the power curve and I believe that to be good... BO's keystone project the ACA remains a great idea which has been poorly implemented...It has not affected nor will it in the future affect my Cadillac plan...but two of my four adult children now have some health insurance they did not have before...they are healthy and are what the ACA wants to offset the costs of the previous uninsurables with pre-existing conditions...  Should have just put everybody on medicare... Peace be With YOu

At 2:03pm on September 4, 2012, linda13 said…

Welcome to Constitutional Conservatives - aka 912 Communique - where principled Patriots exchange valuable communication, in an effort to educate and enlighten the masses of American Citizens who still sleep. Our GOAL is to retain the Freedoms guaranteed man by the Constitutional Law America was founded on. A living document, changed via due process: Amendments not by Executive Orders!

We welcome fellow Patriots with open arms! We need each and every one of you! This is going to be a huge year for us to work as hard as we can. So when you can be sure to invite your friends! I am sure they will enjoy and learn and add to our group!

Please use to invite friends and family to join Constitutional Conservatives community.

Thank you for your time and thank you for joining the team of Constitutional Conservatives - aka 912 Communique.


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