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Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: America's Worst 'Allies"

With friends like Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies? Last week we learned that the Saudi government almost certainly played a role in the 9/11 terrorist attack and that our government kept that secret from the public for about fourteen years. 

A brief history of the coverup is in order here. In 2002, a joint congressional committee …


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The Hybris of Hillary Clinton.

"The gods were getting married. One after another, they all got hitched, until finally it was time for Polemos (War) to draw his lot, the last of the bachelors. Hybris (Reckless Pride) became his wife, since she was the only one left without a husband. They say Polemos loved Hybris with such abandon that he still follows her everywhere she goes. So do not ever allow Hybris to come upon the nations or cities of mankind, smiling fondly at the crowds, because Polemos (War) will be coming right… Continue

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He had been awake for a long while.

He had been awake for a long while.
The ceiling had not changed its color in all of the time that he stared upon it. The birds never stopped singing their praises as the rays of hope streamed through the withering panes of his window. The days seemed longer now. His knees ached even before placing his feet on the creaking beams that his landlord called…

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From Insurrection to Sedition: 8 Innocent Public Servants Assassinated by the BLM Narrative

Eight Police Officers have been assassinated since President Barack Obama addressed Americans from Warsaw, Poland on Thursday, July 7, 2016.  As written in "The Insurrection: Under Democrat…


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Benghazi Mom Patricia Smith Targets Hillary

Patricia Smith targets Hillary


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Gingrich Right: Sharia Incompatble with U.S. Values

Gingrich is right: Sharia is incompatible with US values

Former House Speaker Newt…


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Baton Rouge Latest Battle In Obama's War On Cops

Baton Rouge Latest Battle in Obama's War on Cops


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Wars Against Constitutions

Wars Against Constitutions

On November 29, 2009, then Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, was voted OUT of office. Losing to the conservative leaning Porfirio Lobos by a 17% landslide victory.  

Zelaya, who represented the nation's Liberal Party, which is associated w/ the far leftist Liberal IInternational [1], initially refused leave office. Backed by their Constitution, and the,nation's Supreme Court, the Honduran military had formed a coup. Successfully removing Manuel…


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Verifying articles vs Being discredited

Yesterday something happened on my communities Facebook page, my post had been removed and in it's place was an insulting note stating that said post was removed due to the fact that it was not factual...Hm!

Back 3 days:  An internet warning was circulating.....In an attempt to vet the recent controversial email that is circulating that states Black Lives Matter and the group Anonymous have joined forced to bring Day of Rage to American cities-to take place today- July 15th -this…


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Ginsburg Fears Trump & Gives Reason 2 Vote 4 Him

Why Ginsburg Fears Trump

If we…


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Prayers for Nice, France

I always struggle in times horror and carnage, maybe you do too.

I search the Holy Bible for understanding, Psalms comes about as close to describe the human abomination in the events at Nice, France today.

Psalm 14 English Standard Version (ESV)…


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Blame Black Lives Matter For Dallas Carnage

Blame Black Lives Matter Movement for Dallas Carnage


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The Insurrection: Under Democrat Leadership, Domestic and Foreign

In Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier lay a wreath at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. I suppose just another planned activity among the political and civil elite's daily calendar. Yet, it's a baseless supposition. The Memorial in Washington, D.C., at Judiciary Square, honors 20,267 U.S. law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty throughout history. On Friday morning, 5 more names were added: Brent Thompson, a 43-year-old transit…


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Hate And The Birth Pangs Of Totalitarianism

On Election Day, 2008, top members of the politically leftist and hate motivated militant gang known as the Black Panther Party stood menacingly at an election poll location in Philadelphia; aka the "City of Brotherly love".  There they blocked the entrance, dressed in full militant / gangsta garb - w/ police batins in hand - w/ the clearly wanting to scare the voters away and stop them from practicing their Constitutional Right to vote.   Btw, that location is in a predominantly republican…


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Dating Websites Demonstrate Absurdity of Nondiscrimination Laws

In case more proof was needed that the homosexual movement does not want to “live and let live,” Aaron Werner and Richard Wright will gladly provide it. The two “gay” men sued Christianmingle in 2013, claiming that the website violated their rights under California law because it offers only opposite-sex matchmaking. Last week, they won their case.…


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The System Is Not Broken. The Ideology Works Too Well for That.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The System Is Not Broken. The Ideology Works Too Well for That.

The vigilance sought in bringing justice to the…

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Cultural Marxism in America

In the stead of “freethinking” of many generations I dare to paraphrase Prof. Robert P. George (Princeton EDU) on the discussion of open discourse in “public reason” and “rational debate” yet

“secularism rejects the proposition central to the Judeo-Christian tradition of thought” thus negating secular progressives own view of “free speech” and “open debate.”

“By defining “public reason” stringently enough to exclude appeals to natural law principles, secularism will make it…


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The "Nation of Immigrants" Half-Truth and Its Corporate Sponsors

The Supreme Court momentarily impeded President Obama’s attempt to “fundamentally transform America” last week with its 4-4 vote on his executive amnesty action plan. When the court is deadlocked, previous decisions by lower courts are allowed to stand. In this case, Obama lost because the lower court found that his plan exceeded his executive authority, which is actually what Obama himself…


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Simple words- speak the Truth!

These words were sent to me by a wise man...   Read, Think and please share! 

It has been said that today's society is dwindling. That intelligence drops with the amount of Chemicals we intake from our foods and water If this is the case why are we allowing it? Is liberty not sought? Morality? Aren't we intellectual?

Isn't Life a gift from God.

Don"t we hold from God the gift which includes all others. This gift is life ?? physical, intellectual, and moral…


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Socialism in America

Hi folks,

Got this from Dr. James Kennedy Ministries.  So pertinent I wanted to share.

Dear R.C.

America is now flirting with the ideas of socialism—a governing system that has historically led to some of the most oppressive forms of government known to man.

How did our country reach this point?

Socialist ideas planted in America decades ago have now developed into an emerging socialist movement, which is especially attractive to younger…


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