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Now Forming!

Just me again.. 

I realize most have read it... but how many would be interested in an Online Study Group for
 The 5000 Year Leap 

This is Chapter by Chapter study with discussion. This would be a several week course... allowing for folks life/ work schedules. 

I will make the PDF of the Course available on the Website and I will install…

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Obamacare – 8 Metrics They Don’t Want You to Know

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


When you examine Obamacare in detail, you find that the facts of the legislation contradict most of the selling points that the Liberals used as their basis for voting for the bill.


#1 – 18 Million People Added to Medicare while Cutting $500 Billion from the Program

Obamacare claims to…


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Website News


Hi Members,


I would like to bring to your attention a new website application...


Please check out...."Listings" - Your personal  912 Communique "Classified Ads"


Classified Listings



Please use this new tool!

I can add many different…


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Propaganda, Part 4, Pick your battles.

If a battle cannot be won, do not fight it.

Sun Tzu

You have to pick your battles wisely. Not every conflict is worth turning

into a major battle. There are certain battles which simply cannot be won no

matter how much effort you put into them or what strategies you use. They

are simply losing causes and fighting such battles does little to help you

accomplish your ultimate objectives. The wise man will not let his pride get

in the way of…


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As Congress finally returns to work, many are reflecting whether or not they made the right choice in the GOP's "second chance" election. This doubt began within a few short weeks of the historic November 2010 election shellacking, and the shellacking began to fade away, as the Democrats appeared unsinged.



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Propaganda, Part 3. The mindset or world view of the enemy.

Know your enemy. “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!” From Patton 1970.The concept of knowing your enemy goes back to biblical times. When Moses sent spies into the land of Canaan to search it out, or Joshua sent spies into Jericho, it was to learn about the enemy forces they would fight. The beliefs of the people are just as important as their physical strength; sometimes it is more important.

Joshua 2:9-11 [9] And she said unto the men, I know that…


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Don't Leave It On The Desk


A beautiful illustration of a great sacrifice


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Obama Nobel Peace Prize Appeal Sought

News from the Huff-Po

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Appeal Sought By Bolivian President And Russian Lawmaker

The Bolivian president and a Russian political leader have launched a joint effort to have President Barack Obama stripped of the Nobel Peace Prize.

All of these posts are from the Huff-po (my comments are noted, their spelling is uncorrected) I started with their Super users who are “highly thought of” and have lots of lemmings to follow them around. Then I used…


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The Final Shoe to Drop

There are three events, which can be clearly identified, tracked, and measured; which will mark the insolvency of our country, and the end of life and freedom as we know it.

- When Non-Emergency Government Spending overtakes Tax Receipts

- When Entitlement and Interest Spending overtakes Tax Receipts

- When Interest on the Debt overtakes Tax Receipts

The first event: When overall Government spending which has nothing to do with war, or a sort of…


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Propaganda Part 2. “For the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie.”

In the past I have written many posts about propaganda. Propose, intent and history of it Rather than rewrite all over again the same things I will include a list of articles I have written in the past in case you want to read them.

While propaganda is as old as history and the bible has accounts of propaganda being used to affect the outcome of battles, the father of modern propaganda, Joseph Goebbels wrote a lot of information that is well worth reading for any student of language…


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There is a growing cloud of anger gathering in America, which like an unruly child throwing a temper tantrum, promises to become violent if their demands aren't met. We see it every day now in the world wide news, from Greece, France, The UK. The use of violence to forcefully advocate their position is becoming all too familiar. They claim that they have this or that right, or that they are being denied what is rightfully theirs, no matter what it costs those… Continue

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Selling Lies – The Formula the Left Uses To Take Away Your Rights

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


As part of their dogma, the Left believes society only operates “fairly” when more power is concentrated in the Federal Government and fewer rights are exercised independently by individuals. In their view, one of the major purposes of the Government is to equalize outcomes across society (try to find…


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Propaganda Part 1. Lies, liars, and types of lies,

Augustine of Hippo wrote two books about lying: On Lying (De Mendacio) and Against Lying (Contra Mendacio). From his text, it can be derived that St. Augustine divided lies into eight categories, listed in order of descending severity:

Lies in religious teaching.

Lies that harm others and help no one.

Lies that harm others and help someone.

Lies told for the pleasure of lying.

Lies told to "please others in smooth discourse."

Lies that harm no… Continue

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Just FYI


Hi Members,


In light of some recent show of concerns for your internet protection. I would like to explain a little about the website and how it works.


The Ning Server is a huge huge network server. They have the best of the best virus scanners.

Being a huge social network they know we rely on them. As for the Vent Forum, that is "housed" on the Intense Debate Servers. We are merely "sort of like a link"- that is why you have a  separate  …


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3 Economic Policies Reagan Had Right (And Obama Never Learned)

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism Blog


President Reagan is probably best known for three major accomplishments: rekindling the American spirit of entrepreneurship, defeating the Soviets in the Cold War leading to the eventual collapse of the USSR, and creating the most robust peacetime economic expansion in American history. In this posting, we’ll…


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I wish you the Luck of the Irish!

Dear Members,




 Suzie  has sent you a Jacquie Lawson electronic greeting.

Please click on the following link to see your card. If your e-mail program has not displayed this as a link, then please copy the following into the Address or…


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Take CAIR, your burqua will cover the mark of the beast.

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations will tell you that “Peaceful” Moslems only want to coexist peacefully with in the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, and they have no desire to “Rule the world”.

This is true in their mind. However we need to understand a few terms so we can know what the really mean. A Look behind the political correctness will show the plain truth behind their statements.

First we look at “no desire to rule the world”. This is… Continue

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Please Read!


Hi Members,



Once again I find myself in a position that is certainly beyond my scope of experience.

As you know, I am a 57 year old disabled adult female. Most of you know I am facing an inevitable neck surgery. Not to play on any illness, just to clarify ability to deal with some issues. I took on the challenge of running this website because I mistakenly thought that with the help of my fellow patriots “We” could do this together. For the last 15…


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Democrats flee to Canada.

Perhaps the Wisconsin democrats are setting a good example for our national leaders. As they flee to a state that will give them safe harbor from arrest. Perhaps if we treat the national Democrats in the same way, we will get the same reward.

However the Federal officials can not just go to a different state, they would have to go to a different country. Federal authorities under the direction of the Sergeant of Arms for Congress could direct the “Arrest” of missing members…


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Barry Deceives Liberty – How Would You Respond to a Progressive?

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism Blog


My wife was seated in the airport waiting to catch her flight back home. So far so good. She was already past security waiting in the gate area. As usual, she was reading a book trying to pass the minutes until it was time to board. My wife can be as entertained by people watching as anyone. However if she…


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