March 2012 Editorials (11)

The Sanford Florida Shooting as a Propaganda Demonstration

Once you have read "Public Opinion" by Walter Lippmann or "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays  you never watch the news the same way.  These books make clear news is not a presentation of facts to inform; news is a narrative to influence and control opinion.  According to these men people do not think about what is presented to them.  They accept it as true without critical analysis.  People go through life on autopilot and can therefore be controlled quite easily.  For example people  will…


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It's a done deal, don't you agree?

Look around you, what do you see? Honestly, look around...

I see fear in the eyes of most people. Not unlike the eyes of a deer caught in the oncoming headlights of a car. That empty, sad, fearful and somewhat confused look of a people on the verge...On the verge of what you might ask. On the verge of loosing every thing you have grown accustomed to. It is…


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audacity: new meaning

Watching Hannity tonight and he showed a clip of Ed Henry asking Jay Carney about Obama's latest EO. Carney's reaction was to laugh!! What contempt and audacity. Laugh at a legitiment question about more sweeping powers this guy granted to himself but stand there in righteous indignation a couple of weeks ago when the topic of tax payer supplied contraception came up. Just more proof of how "out of touch" this administration is! 

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Third party? Is it time?

 I posted a blog on a new federal law and it grew into a discussion on a third party candidate. This seems to be a matter of great concern for many members so I would like to address some of the issues as I see them. First let me say that this is not an endorsement for any candidate although I do have my preferences.

One set of arguments are “Romney is not a true conservative”. “Only Romney can defeat Obama in November.” “Romney is the front runner in delegates” None of these address…


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Gas and taxes-things that go up!

 Another fun surprise wrapped up in the health care bill...

I copied this post from tea party nation...

Thinking About Selling Your House after 2012? …


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Mr Welch's Prediction

What we have in Washington is truly "home grown" just as Mr Welch predicted. We must stop the train before we can back it up, that is what November 6th is all about!

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Small Talk

Small Talk

Have you lost the “gift of gab”? You know, chit chat, the ability to discuss nonsense for hours on end with friends. Well, I have and I was so relieved to hear Glenn Beck speak of…


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Can you spell Gestapo?

10 years for carrying a lawful concealed weapon, in an area where a Person designated by the president with a secret memorandum passes through without your knowledge.


I love the title: Buildings and Grounds improvement. It has nothing to do with landscaping but it is good cover and concealment. This from our most transparent government yet…


Public Law No: 112-98

Latest Title: Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of…


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The BIG Picture with POSITIVE movement in the near future!

While many of us (how many we don’t know) report the doom n’ gloom attacks on America’s Constitution and our civil rights, there are many great events planned to open the eyes of those on the fence or still asleep.

Ok. So Romney wins as the contender against Obama. I say, so what?  He’s not the candidate we all wanted, at least one, we could enthusiastically rally behind as a true conservative with chutzpah!

We all know Romney is a indoctrinated RHINO who will, most likely,…


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Over Regulation – What Good is it doing?

Over Regulation – What Good is it doing?

Dear Congressman Jay Inslee

The biggest problem we have with government is there is too much government.

This oil pipe line deal is just another example of governerment over sight in the proper use of toilet paper

And the need for government to install cameras in every home and business to monitor mandated uses procedures.

Adding to cost over runs and delays in getting the job done.


And another…


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As we near the Nov-2012 election, more and more Americans are realizing how crucial it is. Help Americans join the crusade to get out the vote by sending a reminder: How's That "Hope & Change" Working for You? sticky notes. Bring your own pad with your written message, or pick up some pre-printed pads at Patriot Depot, join the…


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