May 2012 Editorials (46)

Abortions and the “War on women.”

The House failed to pass a bill that would ban sex based abortions; these are abortions that are performed because of the sex of the baby; as many critics accurately pointed out how do you determine the thinking of a woman having an abortion? An earlier bill that would have banned abortions based on race also failed for similar reasons.

How do you determine the “thinking” of a woman who wants to kill her children? Does it really matter if she wants to kill them because of their race,…


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A Few Bad Men

Axelscrod Insults American Citizens In Boston

May 31, 2012

Barack Obama's Politburo-Adviser, David Axelscrod, attempted to have a Press Conference today which quickly TRANSFORMED into an "Oppress" Conference, instead.

It was at the steps of the Massachusetts State House in Boston where Axelscrod found himself unable to hear questions by reporters because of the screams of the played out "Yes we can" chants by the Obama fanatics, which were countered by the Romney…


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Escalating World Wide Violence

 World Violence- What can we do?

Americans watch these horrible atrocities as though they were encased safely in a glass snow globe, where we are merely witnesses on the outside and we shake it up- we watch-while snow flakes representing human corpses fall - but in reality the victims do not settle to the earth harmlessly with no lasting the…


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Military Awards.

Over Memorial day weekend I went to the Military museum in Toccoa Ga. This was the training camp for the men in 501st, 506th, 511th, and 517th PID (Parachute Infantry Divisions) movies like Band of brothers, Saving Private Ryan, the Dirty Dozen, were based on men who trained at this place. It was a good reminder of sacrifice and accomplishments that many men achieved. The awards and decorations of the soldiers who served were on display, and I spent some time looking at these reminders of…


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Relax! All Is Not "LOST"

The Law Uf The Sea Treaty ( L.O.S.T). : It's just another distraction. Filler-headlines.  They have to AVOID the issues any way they can.

' Article II, Section 1, paragraph 7, the President is required to swear he will: "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Article VI, paragraph 3 requires all Federal and State officers to also swear:" support this [U.S.] Constitution..."

Article I, Section 10, paragraph 1 declares: "No…


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For Memorial Day

Please take time to remember those who gave their lives for your freedom...…


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912 Project Chronicles Book

This is a "rough draft" preview of the 912 Project Chronicles Book!

Allow to load and slowly turn pages! Click on the pages on the upper right hand side of the page- use the arrows to get to the next chapter. Of course the finished book will be in one file and presented as one book.

 More Chapters coming! Submit Yours Today! I need personal…


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The Weekly "CQ" (best viewed using FireFox)

 Your Ad Here!…


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The Way Of The "Race Card"

Imo, the Repubs were destined to lose the 2008 election, not o much because of Iraq/Afghanistan, but because of these factors:

1. Lehman Bros full collapse in 2007 which was the beginning of the domino effect that brought the 2008 Wall Street Crash, property devaluation, $4/gal gas, and, because of the 2008 Crash, banks were being downgraded - which caused a run that shut some of them down; the most notable being WaMu.

All this having occurred under the watch of the GOP, which…


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Reconciliation Of The Damned

(Reconcile -- rec·on·cile/


Restore friendly relations between)



and Nationalism

To include thorny issues involved in reconciling

anarcho-libertarianism with racial nationalism.

by William B. Fox

Publisher, America First Books

First published June 2010.

Last re-edited and updated 31 March 2012


Can we reconcile the anarcho-libertarian theory espoused by Lew Rockwell (left photo),…


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Soros to "Count" Votes in 2012 Election

"When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing company in the United States, it also aquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 elections"

Well guess who is closeley involved with SCYTL. None other than Spooky-Dude.

Glenn Beck speaks of the "trigger point", a perfect crisis where the progressives will be able to flip the switch and turn on the machine, thereby fundamentally changing america.

I believe this trigger point…


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The Weekly "CQ"

The Second Edition of The Weekly "CQ"                                5/18/12


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Support your local Sheriff; Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and Posse Comitatus.

Did you ever wonder what power and authority a Neighborhood watch group has? First it starts with the Individual right: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution from both government officials and private individuals. Second it evolves from the power of the Sheriff and local law officials through Posse Comitatus to the watch group if it is endorsed and sanctioned by the Local law…


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Last Dance

Hello, 912 ol skoolers!

I had decided that my return-opening post would not be about politics, but about memories; about passion; about life;  a piece of my life.

Goodbye, Ms Donna Summer.

I loved her sound and her voice.  She was a survivor, but, like many, the cancer won.

So many wonderful artists, true artists, have passed... Barry White, Luther Vandross, Levi Stubbs (lead singer of "The Four Tops"), just to name a few.

According to the stats,…


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Europe, the Dollar and Fuel Prices

I’m going on a limb and betting many of us are wondering why gas prices are going back down. The weather is getting better. People are taking vacations. And the Middle East gets closer to turmoil every day. All that adds up to higher prices at the pump.




Well not so fast. Gas prices are the result of many factors and while all that stuff I just listed are the big ones there is one thing that is not listed which ought to me: The value of the dollar. Our…


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Is Obama’s Communist Regime Starting To Crack?

Is Obama’s Communist Regime Starting To Crack?


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Is Obama’s Communist Regime Starting To Crack?

Is Obama’s Communist Regime Starting To Crack?


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The Newsweek Cover as it Skould Have Been Depicted ...

The post title says it all for me!

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Forward to the past.

Obamas new slogan and the reality of his actions are often in conflict with each other. He really wants to go to “Green energy” but that is part of the failed policies of the past. Our military has tried that in the past a wind powered Navy was very successful for a long time until we developed steam engines and finally combustion engines to replace wind and manual labor.



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Obama and Larry Sinclair.... a very close relationship....

  Larry Sinclair Obama Steamy Love Affair Uploaded by

ATLAHWorldwide on

Sep 1, 2009

Dr. James David Manning interviews Larry…


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