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Rand Paul: Trump exec order moves toward free market health care

Rand Paul: Trump exec order moves toward free market health care
With Congress’ repeated failure to pass Obamacare, President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive action on health care Thursday to make it easier for individuals to form health associations and purchase insurance across state lines.

The president has been working with Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., for…


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Sign Of The Times?

First,  I'm sure you guys know that, in the night sky, galaxies and planets alike are all called stars.

Today, September 23, 2017, a stellar event is going to occur.  One that has never occurred before.

On September 23, 2017:
> The sun will be in the zodiac constellation…

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France's King Of The gods

The French have overwhelmingly elected Emmanuelle Macron (66.06%) as their new "president". Why the "emphasis"? Well, the race was between Marine Le Pen, a national socialist (nazi), and Macron, the so called "centrist".

Because of Hitler, any reference to the "far right" is considered to be a nazi. During WW2, was considereed the fascist ally instead of a nazi.. Make no mistake Fascism is to national socialism as liberalism/socialism is to communism. Just easier, for the masses, to…


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Information Rationing

During Obama's first term he started on his trek to limit sources of info from network nsws, to radio, to the internet - which is the most extensive by far.  It was given a very innocent title: Net Neutrality which, simply put, means total federal CONTROL of access to, or knowledge of, information. 

It's what dictators of communist regimes (like NKorea or China) or theocracies (like Iran, Syria or the Arab nations) enforce on their population. It wass also Obama's intention…


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Trump In Saudi Arabia

Did he bend over; or did he apolgize to the poimt of embarrassment; let alone even try to ridiculously blame the Islamic bloodshed on "climate change" (aka global warming) - which EVERYONE on the Left from Obama on down to Hillary have directly blame America for?  NO!!!

Did President Donald Trump denigrate the American Citizenry, or our very foundation in any way, shape, or form? No at all!  Does he seem to understand that there's a history of deadly hatred between the Saudis…


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100 Days In

Despite the fact that McConnell leads the Senate, the honorable Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the SCOTUS; But, that's it. 

What has Ryan's "leadership" got us other than having made a DEBACLE of what could have been a simple repeal of at least the lifeblood of Obamacare  (i.e. the Individual and the Employer Mandates and the subsidies); or even defunding any other worthless, moneysucking programs that would make REAL cuts; and not merely shift the taxpayers' $$$$$ some place…


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20 ideas to crush Obamacare

And cure America's health care crisis

1. End the medical malpractice boondoggle:

Medical malpractice is the 800-pound gorilla in the room when it comes to jacking up health care on the supply side, even before we get to insurance. Moving to a loser-pay system and capping non-economic damages will bring down the cost of medical malpractice insurance (which is passed down to the consumer) and the enormous…


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Another Bllsht "Shutdown"?

Once again the democrats are "crying wolf". And, without a doubt, the Rs will cave; there will likely be yet another Continuing Resolution (CR); and...again...the debt and the spending will rise.

Just a reminder: A gov't shutdown is PARTIAL one. Only NN ESSENTIAL workers don't come in - but. as we saw in 2013, their time/pay was merely FURLOUGHED. Meaning they didn't lose any pay. It was like a free vacation. And, on top of that, only 17% of the US gov't were closed…


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Stomp The Pressers!

President Trump's trampling of the was unprecedent -- but not unPesidential, imo. It only seems that way because no "R" potus has ever taken them on before now.  Had it been a Jeb, Mitt or a McCain they wouldn't have. Which is why they LOST in the first place!  

President Trump did it right when he compared the press's behavior, and total lack of reporting, where Hillary's missing emails - and especially how the Clintons had a hand in a Russian company getting their hands on the…


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The Left At War With America


YesterdayRex Tillerson was sworn in as Secy of State by VP Mike Pence.  NEXT:  Jeff Sessions. It's gonna happen.  :)


The riot-machine continue w/ their insolence and destruction of personal property. Early into his first term, Barackredescribed what he affectionately titled as a "citizens army". Thanks to the radically left (FAKE) media the rioters are "strong" and portrayed as credible...even "peaceful" protestors - practicing their First…


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So Far So Good

So far President Trump has exceeded my expectations.  His choice of his honorable Neil Gorsuch was very well thought out; and his introduction was flawless.  I have to admit that I was glued to the tube w/ anticipation. I did yell "YES!" when Gorsuch's name was pronounced.  

Am I jubilant?  Of course not. What I am is relieved - w/ a guarded optimism.  No human being is free of imperfections  And, sadly, for well over a century now, many, if not most, of the elected officials,…


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Saturday Night Fever

The rabid leftist (mainstream) media are feverishly at work trying to destroy the Trump admn. In their latest attack, they are trying to equate President Trump's firing of ACTING usag, Sally Yates, to the late President Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre".  It isn't.  Nixon had his USAG fire Archibald Cox because he was investigating Nixon and wanted the tapes connected to Watergate. When the AG refused, Nixon fired the AG.  That's the "Saturday Night Massacre" in a…


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His Name Is "Legion"

It sure didn't take long for the king-community-organ-grinder, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama, to start craving for his much needed attention.  

A short while ago he released an statement where he said that he supports these read-to-go protestors. Gee! What a surprise!

Question for these ready-to-go protestors: Where are your calls for "human rights" against the Islamic terrorists yelled "ALLAH AKBAR" during a deadly attack on a mosque in Quebec? WHERE is that outrage during…


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America: I'm Home Again

The United States of America is my home; and my birthright. 

For the first time in eight years I am able to say, w/ out a doubt, that I have a President that will represent me; and will protect those things I hold dear: my country and my faith.

Donald J Trump is my...OUR...President. I shall give him, and our Congress, every benefit of the doubt, along w/ the next four years, to fulfill his promises. 

I am filled w/ a new hope. 



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John Lewis: Beyond Scrutiny?


The democrat-mchine...the ones that claim to be the very epitomy of "peace", "unity", "tolerance", and "fairness"...where also the very ones that, throughout the ENTIRE 2016 Primaries,  were completely obsesed with making sure that candidate Donald Trump would ACCEPT THE OUTCOME of the election - when the Left was totally CONVINCED that Hillary Clinton was the shoe-in, that is.

First of all, "unity" was tossed out the window when the democrats…


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The Real Barack Hussein Obama

The Backstabber-In-Chief is at it again. Obviously PISSED over his "legacy" having LOST in the 2016 election, the FAKE-potus, Barack Insane Obama, decided to stick the rusty needle in the eyes of the Cuban communities across America, and primarily those in Miami, by ending the Wet Foot / Dry Foot policy.

The policy allowed entry of Cuban REFUGEES that escaped Castro's tyranny, and made it to American shores - w/ out fear of deportation. The policy was put in place under wild-Bill…


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Patterns Of Pathology

1995: Poonhound wild-Bill Clinton, caught in his web of LIES, redefines what the meaning of the word "IS" is during the Bimbo Eruption / Lewinsky trial:


Hillary Clinton has built her political career based on LIES:


2012: Fmr NV senator…


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TODAY the final nail wil bel hammered; sealing her LAST hope of taking her throne at the Oval Office. And the reasons are MANY!

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It Takes One To Know One

The FAkEness that is Hillarroid Clinton

She and her "frenemy", the very soon FORMER prez Barrack Insane, bitching about "fake news" is totally FAKE in itself.

> Who was it that LIED about the people having "affordable" coverage; where you'd be able to "KEEP" your doctors and your plans - under Obamacare?

Answer: Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy "We gotta pass it for you to know what's IN it!" Pelosi, and EVERY other democrat - as well as EVERY liberal rag and…


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Prez-elect Donald Trump: He's ONLY the POTUS

What I mean is there are many out there that are singing his praises - just because it seems that Trump will be coming thru w/ his pledge to not accept the prez salary ($400k?).  Many are behaving as if this is a MAJOR presidential accomplishment or whatever.  It isn't.

The fact that a BILLIONAIRE will be writing off his gov't salary isn't anything to be so impressed about.  Donad Trump would impress me by KEEPING his singature PROMISES like:

> An Exec Order…


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