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Employment Rights Resolution- A New Rebellion

I shall be submitting the following resolution to my state and federal representatives:

"Employment Rights Resolution

No employer shall deny employment to to any person or deny equal pay or benefits to any employee due to their standing in any association or lack of membership thereof.

No association may coerce any employer to deny employment or equal pay or benefits to employee due to their membership in any association or lack of thereof."

In short, no employer… Continue

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The White House and British Petroleum- Damage Control Epic Failure

After over a month of posturing, finger pointing and dithering, the White House has responded to British Petroleum's disastrous drilling platform rupture with more posturing, finger pointing and dithering.

Not long after the empty suit announced his bid for the presidency I looked at his record and clearly saw a corrupt, incompetent, egotistical elitist who the media would fawn over and fool the shallow multitudes. He reminded me of Jimmy Carter.

I told you so.

The… Continue

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Big Brother is Watching- And Visiting

This morning I was about to fix my lunch before heading to work and two young gentlemen appeared at the door, clean cut and dressed in aloha print shirts (we are in Hawaii, after all) and neatly pressed slacks. For a moment I was going to just tell them I didn't want their magazines (Jehovah's Witnesses- if they were Mormons they'd be wearing white shirts and ties).

After I asked them what they wanted they both showed me their Secret Service identification. They told me that they… Continue

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Our Constitution

I teach basic civics including the US Constitution. For those of you interested in teaching and learning more I highly suggest the education packet version of A More Perfect Union. The packet includes a historical dramatization of the 1787 Constitutional Convention as well as teaching segments; a Teacher's Guide (also available for download); and a pocket Constitution.

This is the site:

National Center for… Continue

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Truisms 001

You all have heard the saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
Well, government has its own take: "Take the fish from the fisherman and give it to the man who refuses to fish; At the same time criticize the fisherman for fishing in the first place."

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Please Lend A Hand

An urgent call to all Patriots!

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