What a great Job everyone is doing here on 912 Communiqué.

Of greatest importance unlike the leftist sites, this site is free. “move” says it is free, but they always have “a chip in” button in a very promenade place.     J

And here I find links to contact elected officials and links on how to offer constructive input. In comparison to most of the “progressive” sites they advocate “how to organize a protest.”

Instead of advocating taking over, I see things like supporting the Constitution, AMERICA IS NOT evil. And our founding Fathers truly were founding a New Nation on the principles of a more perfect union compared than any other nation in the world in that day.

This is the place to begin, begin restoring “life, liberty and justice for all”

For me, it means “for all” not special for a few or SPECIAL rights for a minority.

Thanks every one   

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Comment by 912 Communique on June 15, 2012 at 8:25pm


Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so glad to hear you like the new look- I am always tweaking it in some way or another! But more importantly are the members! The strong Core Group! That is what makes the site, the honest interaction between respectful principled people...People like you make this website Great! and it is Great!

May I use your words as a "what members say about 912 CQ "... type thing???


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