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Well TCC has been saved and I for one, am breathing a sigh of relief!  The amount of research and hard work done here is truly phenomenal and I was saddened when Suzie's felt she could no longer hold the reigns.  What if that disappeared forever?!  (omg!)  Thankfully prayers are answered so the question that's being posed to me is "Kos, will you change the site?"?  I would easily say 100% of what you see is what will remain.  What I would like to do though is add a few things.......but I need your input.  What are your thoughts.........and would you have time to volunteer?

  1. I'll place if first and up front.  I told Suzie if her health improves and she wants the site back - all she needs do is ask.  I still feel this is here baby.......and I'm the sitter!  *lol*
  2. Income.  No one runs a website without one or more of the following:  Sponsors to foot the bill or a form of income to pay for their bills and time.  Sponsors are tough to come by unless we greatly increase our number of page reads (we're talking 5x more readers).  Charge for sections of the website.  Currently we do not charge for anything.  Advertising (3-5 ads) on every page....which only works if you "hit" the ads which contributes pennies per impression.  Or member contribution.  We removed the ads in 2016 and tried to go with simple contribution but this hasn't resulted in any form of income stream to pay the bills.  If Suzie didn't do a plea for help, she would've closed long ago so I'd like your opinion.   Are there areas we could setup and charge an admission fee?  Can you think of other alternative income streams?  Please bring it!
  3. That being said, there's one surefire way to boost readership - share everything you read and post from TCC.  Everything!  Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. If you don't have a Facebook and Twitter (then do a customizable Tweetdeck) account, you're missing out so get up and apply.........and let's get our news out there!
  4. 2018 Congressional elections are only a year away with many Dem seats up for grabs.  What can we do to promote the prospective GOP runners?  How can we best steal away or convert those Dem voters to the GOP side overall?  If you folks come up with your own posts on this topic, I will happily share them to Twitter and Facebook to begin to convert those minds!
  5. Alright, we have a new Conservative President..........but I say he still needs our help.  If you're on Twitter, please be sure you follow @realDonaldTrump today!
  6. Cutting regulations.  One of President Trumps major initiatives going forward.  Have any idea on specific regulations that need to go on the chopping block?  Oh boy, I can see numerous posts coming out of this!  Again, if you write it - I'll share it on Facebook/Twitter.
  7. Aside from the 2018 election and converting Democratic voters, there has been a dramatic increase in talk of the "Deep State" and all its conspiracy theories.  While I'm not a fan of CT, at times a story can be proven true so I never say to dismiss it.  Is this increase a form of retaliation to Trump or did he bring it with him?  Should we (you) be writing about this and grabbing the public's attention? (Click GoogleTrends image to enlarge)
  8. Now what about the "fake media" claims?  Is he spot on or being slightly over dramatic?  Yes media is heavily Dem but is this truly an area we can work on?  Having a 'category' of fake news where we prove articles are inaccurate,  incorrect or just made up?  Again, I'm not talking posting someone else's pieces proving a post was a lie.  I'm talking about a TCC member posting evidence a piece is a lie.  Something YOU take the credit on..........and I share them across the web.
  9. "Items to Ponder".  We had this for a few years ago on the home page which was a list of possible 'topics' (some current - some historic) one could use create a Discussion or Editorial.  Well, it's coming back so stay tuned!
  10. I'd like some feedback from you on the Constitutional education series.  Did you take part?  Is Trumps administration a call to reach out run this series again?  Educate the public further on our Constitution?  I need your feedback.  Can this be something we could charge a "fee" to participate?  Who could run it?  How many weeks?  Let me hear it.
  11. Lastly let's hear from YOU.  What would YOU like to see added to TCC or run/laid out differently? 

Well there you go.  I look forward to your responses and hope to see more original posts and sharing ahead.  If you ever need me, just drop me a message by clicking on my image or email me @  I work from home so I'm always here. I truly hope we grow in the time ahead and Suzie promises to still pop in as she can.  I just pray she and Will devote the time they need to tend their health.  We will still be here; hopefully revving along!

-Laura Kos

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Comment by American912 on May 19, 2017 at 9:27am

Kos, really sorry to hear you got Pneumonia. Good to hear your starting to feel better so you can function normally.

Because of the scandals and attacks on the president, the blogs and websites on the internet are loaded with hundreds of daily comments due to people using disqus. People are really angry because of politics/fake news and are venting and posting articles like mad men across the web.

It doesn't hurt to send out the emails (containing 10 articles) for one month to see how much traffic you attract. One article per week will not be worth a persons time.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to raise the Traffic feed for one month so members currently commenting on the forum can see the viewer activity.

Comment by Kos on May 19, 2017 at 8:46am

Oh, btw, we were down a few hours last night as I wrangled with our shared servers and tweaks on domains.  Done with that; thank goodness.

Comment by Kos on May 19, 2017 at 8:39am

American - I prettymuch dropped off the face of the earth the last month with Pneumonia.  I was given a z-pack and it didn't even put a dent in my system.  I was floored but I got worse!  Became weak to the point I had difficulty walking and making rational decisions.  A second visit to the ER I was told I had low blood-oxygen levels and needed a stronger antibiotic.  ya' think?  *lol*  Well the clouds began to part two days ago.  I can actually breathe.  I can eat and actually taste the food (somewhat) but I am definitely on the road to recovery now.

We're in a difficult time now with our "Donald" in the Presidency.  Being a winner means GOP and Conservative websites will see less traffic flow.........b/c we have less to 'complain' about.  *lol*  Sounds funky but that's the news business. 

I began to send out those emails each day AND post more (myself) to Facebook because I wanted to compare details on responses, "likes", participation, etc. 

Then I got sick.

To be honest I was never impressed with the responses sending out "weekly" emails.  Yes, they're all in one place and you would expect them to pull in more readers but they don't.  After all:  Why bother looking at what you posted last Tuesday, when it's now Sunday and I've seen/read all I want to on the subject over the last five days?

I'll have to pull those responses out from last year and get to that comparison probably next week.......then make a decision.

Still wish I could find a good Facebook coordinator for the site.  That (and Twitter) are such huge formats and we're barely scratching the surface.  Definitely a goal for 2017.

Comment by American912 on May 19, 2017 at 8:22am
I'm not the computer guru but when something isn't working right I'd like to know why. People have been viewing this site but their traffic isn't showing up. There are some people that comment on the forum and their location will not show up on the traffic feed. Could it be the traffic feed on the forum is located/placed too low on the forum web page?
People aren't going to donate to a dead inactive web forum if they see no activity.
Just sayin.
Live Traffic Feed
Your Live Traffic Feed keeps the 100 most recent visitors. Drag it up with your mouse to see older visits. If the feed is in the top 30% of your page you can watch it all day and it will continue to show new hits. If it's below the top 30% of your web page, it will stop updating after 3 minutes until you refresh the page.
Kos, it looks like you quit emailing your one selected article to old members that only may interest a few, has come to a end.
May I suggest choosing ten articles of different topics chosen by LANYON to be emailed to subscribe members in order to grow member participation and viewing. It worked quite well when Susan sent her emails out.
Comment by Kos on March 28, 2017 at 7:34am

Patricia Oh I've re-built 912 on so many platforms by now, it would make your head spin.  *lol*  I absolutely love Wordpress and can deal with most of the glitches but the problem we haven't gone there is integration.  Our json files for Discussions, Pages and Comments are flawed and won't merge over.  Suzie and I just couldn't see leaving over 22,000 posts behind AND all of the Constitution Education material; much less their comments.  We may as well start from scratch at that point.

I dream of a day when Ning would 'repair' their export files but they clearly have large risk of loss in doing so. 

We talked about starting from scratch but that's a step I hope we never have to take.  If anyone has the expertise to repair json - please speak out!  I'd hire you in a heartbeat..........if I could afford to.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on March 28, 2017 at 12:03am

Kos, It is difficult to move to a new hosting platform. 

Gee, I manage a website,, on the cheap using the simpleton ways of managing on GoDaddy, still using their Web Builder V6, cause V7 cost more.

At some point thinking of upgrading so that we can have the integration with Word Press.

912 has a richness to it and finding the right platform to absorb all the features without it costing not only $$'s but loads of your time to take the leap.

I will keep my donations coming -- have to budget the time when I can hit the Donate button.

Comment by Kos on March 27, 2017 at 3:33pm

Suzie feels it's important I inform you all that I am now paying 2017 prices to Ning and not the lower prices she was locked into. I complained........but it felt up upon deaf ears.  That's the reason that I put the "Support" thermometer back up to the site.  While she gave me the partial refund that was given to her, it's no where near what is now needed. 

Thank you all for your help and support.  If any of you know a company or website who would be interested in Sponsoring a Conservative news and Constitution education website - send them my way.  Together we can get it done!

Comment by Kos on February 24, 2017 at 7:43am

Luis Why doesn't he stop Welfare to illegals?  There's a huge money saver that'd be heavily supported by the taxpayer but no one says a word.  Maybe the drop in sales and increase in crime rate would hurt mid terms..........

Thank you btw for your support.  Good to see you!

Comment by luis✩USA on February 24, 2017 at 7:23am

Congrats, Kos.  No doubt that TCC continues to be in good and competent hands under your ownership.

First, I'll say I disagree w/ the notion that President Trump, personally is Conservative. He isn't. And his top righthand man, Steve Bannon, admitted to being a Leninist. Dispite that, Presdent Trump's Cabinet choices have been to the Conservative right. Especially his pick for the SCOTUS - who is definitely at the CONSTITUTIONAL-right. I hope that doesn't change w/ time.

Good luck w/ your new endeavors at TCC, Kos. 

I do I agree w/ KayDeeB: Thing's have changed. Just prior to DT even entering the race in 2015, those that called themselves "Tp" or "912ers" were oriented towards a Constitutionally limited federal govt.   But once DT became the potus, it seems the majority of those self-proclaimed "tea partiers" and constitutionally-driven and motivated 912ers...who had LOUDLY expressed their concerns over Obama's authoritarianism, the further expansion of the federal gov't, and the runaway spending. are not the top priorities they once were. Why?  Will these maj problems under Obama now become "acceptabe" because DT is in the WH?

Yesterday it was reported that former House Speaker, Joh Boehner, who was “at an Orlando health care conference, said that "the idea that a repeal-and-replace plan would blitz through Congress is just ‘happy talk",[  ]    

Yet, dispite this, the only ones out there screaming like banshees are the ready-made "ACME" protestors bought and paid for by George Soros. They've been disrupting every town meeting held by GOP members, as well as their local offices, across the country. WHERE are thoseTEA party rallies like there WERE back in 2009-2010?!  There can be no REAL tax reform, let alone a federal gov't w/ LIMITED powers - or any hopes of lowering the deficit spending, unless the ACA (Obamacare) is fully repealed. Nor could there be significant job growth because of the individual and employer Mandates. WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE!

The one thing, imo, that hasn't changed is the total disinterest amnogst the vast majority of the so called "Cnservative" leaning  people where the explosive costs of the unfunded liabilities SocSec / Medicare and SSI are concerned. Everyone still ducks and hides when that topic is raised.

Comment by Kos on February 23, 2017 at 5:17pm

Question:  Does anyone actually use the 'smileys' in their posts?  If no, I would delete them............

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