An Open Letter to our Representatives and Senators Concerning the Future of our Nation's Health Care

Dear Representatives and Senators,

We, the people, were given a precious gift many years ago when a spark grew into a flame, that ignited a firestorm of freedom which led to the birth of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Our Founding Fathers held that all men are created equal, and that we are endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It would stand to reason, then , that we are the keepers of our own destiny, and are therefore charged with the responsibility to oversee our own lives, and to do with our lives whatever we choose. We are also blessed with the liberty and freedom to make choices that will affect our lives, and it is we who will either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of those choices – but the choices are OURS to make. It is also understood that although liberties and freedoms do exist, exercising our rights to these benefits does not guarantee that all outcomes will be the same. Nevertheless, that does not deter people from pursuing those ideals throughout the course of their lives. There is perhaps no other aspect of our lives in which these aforementioned sovereignties carry the most weight, than in matters of our own personal health and well being, and that of our families. How we care for our health and make decisions that affect the condition of our health are highly personal and are often based on religious, moral and ethical beliefs. It is a reasonable expectation, then, that when making decisions concerning our health care, the ULTIMATE AND SOLE AUTHORITY rests within OURSELVES, and others, if we so choose, such as our families, our counselors in faith, and our physicians – NOT THE GOVERNMENT OR ANY AGENCY THEREOF. Although health care is not a “right” according to our Constitution, all LEGAL CITIZENS of the Unites States should have access to quality, affordable care. The only role that government should play in matters of our nation's health care is to enact equitable laws, to ensure that all laws are being followed and to protect the best interests of the people that they serve – period. Ronald Reagan once said, “Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” If the government took control over the nation's health care system, that is exactly what they would be doing – running our lives, and I can assure you that no American citizen wants the government to run their life! Any public official who votes in favor of legislation that is an obvious instrument of control, such as the current health care bill, will be vehemently campaigned against and voted out of office! It is quite shameful, that the politicians who get the FINEST health care in the WORLD, paid for by hard working Americans, are asking those same hard working citizens to accept a health care plan that is vastly inferior to their own. And it is even more insulting to our brave men and women who serve to protect our great nation – for clearly it is THEY who deserve the BEST! We want the government to stay OUT OF our lives, and OUT OF our health care system! Our nation was built on freedoms, choices, opportunities, and capitalism and that is the framework in which our health care system must exist in, in order to thrive and to remain the finest health care system in the world, or we will be doomed to descend into a decrepit cesspool of stagnation. Please DO NOT assume that the people of the United States are ignorant to the contents of this bill! WE HAVE READ IT AND WE REJECT IT, and any variation thereof! WE DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE – PERIOD! Perhaps, instead, you should concentrate your efforts on fixing the other “attempts” you have made to improve our health care system before you completely bankrupt our country into oblivion! Serving the people of The United States is a PRIVILEGE, and the office that one holds must be looked upon with reverence and humility, not with arrogance and disregard. It is also a position in which one is expected to follow the wishes of those whom they represent. We the people expect nothing more and demand nothing less.

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Comment by Sean Dotson on September 29, 2009 at 7:03am
Nicely written letter. I agree wholeheartedly.

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