“Black Republican Trailblazer Awards”: Separate and Unequal

Rivers have often been the source of great inspiration in literature. The very power of the Creator is witnessed in the ebb and flow of these pristine waters. The farmer reaches his hands into the very fertile earth and blesses the Nations with the fruit born of the river's seed. Beyond the natural expression, rivers have been the symbols of time elapsed never to be recovered. A painful sense of loss or even lives passing into oblivion. In Washington, DC, two rivers flow: the Anacostia and the Potomac. The Anacostia has always represented the despair felt by the poor, the hopelessness of the miseducated and those forgotten in dreams deferred. The Potomac has always been the privilege of wealth, the luxury of networking in ivory towers and the expectation of the laurels of nobility. Rivers divide men of war and men of peace. When it comes to Black Trailblazers, a river divides two men in honoring great men and women in Republican history. The violent ebb and flow of wills have left one alone in awarding the least, the last, and the lost and the other with the might of the Nation's Executive Office to award the well-heeled and well-connected. The unfortunate result of this mighty battle of wills has left many worthy candidates without merit. In a month of reverence for the lives of Frederick Douglass, Carter G. Woodson and a host of modern greats, Trailblazers have been made "separate and unequal".

On one side of the river, a man stands isolated from the herd. Some believe that he is arrogant and woefully unyielding of credit to others for their past labors in establishing and promoting the “Black Republican Trailblazer Awards”. None will even question his sincere efforts or his intellectual property rights. However, he's not a team player. He has often said in public that the only way that the GOP will recognize a Black Republican is if they are a Socialist - Democrat. He has questioned the lack of a black agenda by Black Republicans that seem naked although they proclaim imperial robes as they stumble behind President Donald Trump hoping that they can convince him that they have direct access to Chicago gang members. He has wondered aloud how the best can be considered for governmental posts and none of them happen to be Black. He has often questioned why such great Black Republicans like Kay Cole James, former Director of the United States Office of Personnel Management under George W. Bush, and Frederick D. McClure, Chief Executive of the Bush Library Foundation, are not called upon more for advice and counsel amongst public policy mavericks. He idolizes them so, admiring their sacrifice for God and country.

Yeah, Ken, But!!!! You don't know how condescending and arrogant he is. He makes comments like this:

"It wasn’t until I created the “Black Republican Trailblazer Awards” five years ago that anything meaningful was ever done under the Republican label to acknowledge Black History Month. Now the party is even trying to steal that from Black folks by way of a lawsuit; which most of you are aware of."

Yeah, he's a cocky somebody now, isn't he? However, how many Trailblazer Awards were there before this little man stepped forward? Or here's a better question: How many years did it take before the people he admired choose the comforts of power, wealth, and influence of the Party and walked away from him? The challenged founder of the “Black Republican Trailblazer Awards” perseveres even as the man on the opposing riverbank influences Black Republicans to avoid him like the plague and stay with the team. What could the founder possibly do for you? Simply, what can a Black Republican that seeks to honor Black Republicans that have been overlooked and forgotten possibly do for you? Ms. Imanginary Name, please bring me a checkbook and let's see what it takes to divide and conquer.

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 22, 2017 at 1:05pm

There is no doubt that there were great leaders that emerged that gave their all, in some cases their lives, to give voice to the soon to be born trail blazers of the civil rights movement. These trail blazers are the ones black and white whose names are not known, they are the ones who kept the dream alive.

I was watching a PBS documentary of Maya Angelou last night. A woman who found her voice. I have read most of her body of writings. Met her as well. One thing that stood out from her writing was a message of you can succeed if you persevere and persevere she did. Barbara Jordan of TX was woman that I admired very much, her life cut short. A message that Jordan spoke of would not fit the narrative of the left today.

I know that I may not have gotten the total meaning of your opinion piece today -- what I do know is that if we all allow the politicians of the left and right to pick our trail blazers the ones picked will not reflect the ones we know and love they will more than likely their own kind -- the ones today, present time, that serve the narratives of the politicians.

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