That was how The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (or JOBS ) Act of November 2011 was "sold" to the American Citizens. Period!   The unemployment rate was reported, by the BLS, at 8.6% for December 2011. [1]

What REALLY was the JOBS Act? Two words:  TAX HIKES! 

EXCERPT: " In the end, the tax hikes would be permanent while the jobs policies temporary; thus, the proposal is really a tax hike plan rather than a jobs plan." [1]

For Nov 2013 (two years later ), the actual unemployment figure was 11.1%  [2]

And then came the MOTHER of all lies and tax hikes:  The ACA/Obamacare


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Comment by luis✩USA on February 7, 2014 at 5:47am

Hi, Karol

Yours is easy to answer. Don't forget, Pelosi was voted-into that House Chair by the other members of the Jpise.

The reason why the liberals "let" Pelosi take the cameras is because the majorit of them BELIEVE how she does. Thsoe few that are called "blue dogs" are too scared sh*tless of the far left radicals to stand against them!

We're fortunate to have the likes of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jim DeMint, Dr Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Greg Abbott and others TAKING A STAND for the USC and States' sovereignty! 

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