Call me a “Skeeter”; that’s the new White House term to denigrate anyone who does not believe that Obama shoots Skeet. Unlike Arugula, Obama has never eaten Skeet, does not know what the “Bag limit” is, or like his birth certificate and school records, he has not released his Score.

While it “maybe” a valid picture of Obama with a shot gun, it is a Black man that shoots left handed, who does not know what he is doing.  Safety glasses and ear muffs cover his identity; although how did they ever find ear muffs for those Dumbo ears I do not know.

It is also definite that it did not take place on his “51st Birthday. How do I know? According to AP and the original White house press releases:

Obama Birthday Weekend: President Celebrates 51st With Golf Game, Break From 2012 Campaign
By KEN THOMAS 08/04/12 06:11 PM ET 
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama celebrated his 51st birthday Saturday with a round of golf and a quiet weekend at Camp David, taking a break from campaigning three months before Election Day.

Obama, wearing a white golf shirt, khaki pants and sunglasses, boarded Marine One at Andrews Air Force Base after about six hours on the golf course before heading to Camp David. He was joined by a small group of friends and aides that included White House chef Sam Kass, a frequent golf partner.

Note the time and date Only AP can write time in that format and have no one question it; as he left the White house for Camp David at 6:11 PM ET. Camp David is 62 miles from the White house with Approximately 1 hour travel time; arrival at 7:11 PM ET ( earliest time possible) Sun set at 8:15 PM ET just 1 hour and 4 minutes to get to the Skeet range and shoot a round. The most ardent Skeet shooter quits at dark. While Obama may try to shoot one for a photo op, he does not care about it enough to rush to shoot a round.

Also a quick review of the Photo shows the Gun too high on the shoulder, aimed straight ahead, too low for Skeet and too high for Trap. It looks like he is aiming for a 6 foot rabbit named Harvey. It may be Obama, they only showed him from the waist up so you could not see him wet his pants when the shotgun went off.

I am not an expert Skeet shooter myself, my score runs around 18 with 12 Gauge, I do have a friend who shoots a 25 about once a month and I have shot with some of the top women dove shooters in the state, yes I got beat silly.

But then the 2nd is not about Skeet shooting, is it?

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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Comment by Denis Byrne on February 5, 2013 at 3:38pm

Rich K:  No way that 80million gun owners will give in without a big fight... Common sense will always prevail in the long run...As JT well states: the libbies vote by emotion, while we conservatives vote by reason....

Comment by Jerome on February 5, 2013 at 6:20am

The photo is as fake as Obama's birth certificate, no doubt in my mind.  Believe me, if Obama has been an ardent shooter all the time, there would have been man photos and videos of him doing it.  So if he shoots skeet, or if he even target practices, how come no pics?  Another blatant lie coming from the White House.  I wonder just how long the American people are going to continue giving him passes?

Comment by Denis Byrne on February 4, 2013 at 3:22pm

Maybe there is good reason why US govt agencies do not share info!  they are all fos..and do not want to embarass each other...kinda like the old story about why muggers do not attack lawyers--out of professinal courtesy...

Comment by Denis Byrne on February 4, 2013 at 3:19pm

wHAT many of these blogs do not state is that the socialists who promote gun control have plenty of weapons themselves...Here we have a country with govt agencies not connected with each other -- all wasting taxpayer monies, then claiming they can take away second amendment rights of 80 million voters...That is nothing less than MSM delusion...  Biggest  problem I see with this prez is total lack of experience starting off, not much gain from the past four, and by the  next four he might be qualified but thankfully gone...There are voices of reason in washdc...Ron Paul, his son, a few other true conservatives...It seems to be all about power over the people instead of power OF the people...  If gun control is the ISSUE which destroys our republic I will eat your hat...Or you can eat my Panama Hat made in Equador... May God Bless our dear FF. and the nearly idiot-proof system of govt they established...  It aint broke doggone it...why are these delusionists trying to fix it???

Comment by John Tripp on February 4, 2013 at 11:50am

I do believe the wascally wabbit wins in the end of every scenario played.  This was a Dukakis tank moment for Obama,  and I only have tywo questions - Did the Secret Service have to paint the end of the shotgun barrel yellow to show the Prez which end the little balls come out ?  And does this make Joe Biden Mr. McGoo ?

Comment by Susan Robertson on February 4, 2013 at 11:47am

good one!! LOL

Comment by Rich Knoch on February 4, 2013 at 11:06am

Harvey, the 6-foot rabbit, is actually the American Taxpayers who still possesses Common Sense and believes in our Constitution . . . . he, or his photo-shopped stand-in, has us in his sights . . . .we're losing the battle, but hopefully, not the War.

The end of our Republic is looming on the Eastern horizon unless Common Sense prevails!

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