WARNING: Government run social programs are fatal to your lives.

Independent thinking and self-reliance is the antidote.

The American culture has become hyper-sensitive to all criticizm -- because, now, they know that the govt will "protect" them.

Our culture has all but lost their natural instinct of
self-reliability, -accountability, and -preservation. Competition has
become a threat. In schools, it is being defined as synonymous w/

"Redistribution", and "fairness" is alive-and-well -- even within
those that want to believe that they stand FOR the written language, and
the very spirit of, the DOI and the USC.

Twenty first century America is the ALMOST-finished product of over a
half a century of socialist-progressive REeducation enticed by

Make NO mistake, folks. The government-run minimum wage policies ARE
yet another welfare spending program. It's just one more of the MANY
"drugs" that the US govt HANDS us -- to stimulate us, numb us, and keep
us "begging" for more.

Addicts do not bite the hand that FEEDS them!


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Comment by Norma J. Sears on February 3, 2014 at 11:48am

You got that right, Luis.

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