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Good Friday and Easter, the glorious message of those two days is the core of the Gospel we preach. On Good Friday, we commemorate the darkest day in history—when Almighty God laid on His Son the sins of all mankind. Jesus Christ went to the cross so that those who trust in Him wouldn’t have to live in the darkness, bondage, and death sentence of sin. When He said from the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30, ESV), that was really just the beginning. Believers in Jesus Christ live on the Easter side of history.

Many decades ago, before air travel became common, my mother and father were traveling across the Atlantic in a passenger ship. Early one morning my mother glanced out a porthole and noticed the menacing sky and a massive churning storm out on the horizon. It looked blacker and more alarming than any she had ever seen, and she commented on it to a steward. “Oh,” he replied, “we’ve already come through that storm. It’s behind us.”

Because of the cross, the fear of eternal judgment is behind us. Jesus carried our sins to the cross, suffered, and died. He paid the “wages of sin”—death. Sin’s power was broken. For those who have turned to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith, the first Easter Sunday became this world’s brightest day because Jesus rose triumphant over death. His resurrection guarantees us that no matter what we face in life, no matter what we may be going through right now, we have Jesus with us and the sure hope of Heaven ahead of us.

That’s the same wonderful Good News today

Franklin Graham
President & CEO
Billy Graham Evang. Ass.
©2017 BGEA

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